Your Boudoir
Photo Reveal
& Ordering Session

Scheduling your boudoir photo reveal ordering session:

After your photoshoot, we will pull out our schedules and set up a date and time for your reveal & ordering session.

The reveal usually happens about two weeks following the photoshoot.

Depending on your needs, this can be accelerated. Be sure to talk with me when scheduling if you have a tight timeframe for getting your photos.

The time offers a chance to go through the photos and select the very best images from your shoot. I also do some editing and resizing of your photographs to prepare them for printing.

Boudoir Image Reveal

Let’s find your favorite photos!

The day of your reveal, you get to come relax at the studio* with some chocolate and wine.

(* – Online reveal and ordering sessions are available if needed.)

We’ll start with a slideshow of all your boudoir images set to music on the large screen TV.

We will then review each image one at a time. You get to decide which of your photos are keepers.

Selecting your photos can be difficult.

You will have a lot of photographs to choose from. Depending on the number of images you plan to purchase, That can make narrowing things down hard.

You might need a second piece of chocolate and some more wine …

There is no rush, I’m here to help and offer advice if you want it.You can go back and forth between your images until you have made your final decisions.

And up until we submit the order, you can still change your mind!

boudoir albums

Let’s assemble your boudoir album or create your artwork right now!

Software is amazing. We have the technology to add your favorite images to a virtual album as you go.

You can instantly see what photos work well together. You can resize, rearrange, remove … or add.

You make all the decisions!

And you aren’t finished yet.

The perfect layout deserves premium quality.

Depending on the product package or à la carte items you choose, there are options.

Our lab will handcraft your products using the finest materials, making them uniquely yours.

So let’s talk about your choices!

I’m ready to schedule my free pre-planning session: