Meet The Boudoir Photography Studio Team

Professionals Who Make A Difference

Before you get to the studio, take a moment to meet our Boudoir Photography Studio Team.

While every woman’s boudoir experience is a personal journey, they don’t need to take it alone.

Having an accomplished team of professionals around you makes a world of difference.

That is why I am honored to share this page with Caitlin and Emily, two incredible makeup artists. The moment we met, I knew they were destined to be an important part of the studio’s success.

So let me introduce you to the team now. Get to know us, and …

soon you’ll feel like we’ve been friends forever!

Maryland Boudoir Studio Photographer

Thomas Crowl

Thomas loves to see people smile. His arts career began on-stage as a magician. Between shows, he carved wood by hand. The carvings were sought after by collectors around the world. (His favorite carvings are still displayed in his home studio.) In 2005, Thomas shifted from magic to the comedy of ventriloquism. He is recognized as one of the top ten comedy ventriloquists in the world.

Making people laugh is a fleeting emotion. Photography allows him to make major changes in people’s lives. Check out Thomas’ about page and read his clients’ testimonials to see the impact he has created for others.  Then schedule your boudoir experience and you will be smiling too!

Caitlin Robin

Caitlin has always had a passion for skincare and beauty. She loves being able to take her client’s personality, style, and inspiration and turn it into the look they’ve always dreamed of. Natural, fresh skin is Caitlin’s specialty. During the week, you can find Caitlin doing makeup for political figures and business executives, and her work can be seen in magazines and on television.

Outside of her passion for makeup, Caitlin is the step mom to a smart and sassy nine year old, as well as a fur mom to 2 cats and 6 ducks. In her spare time she loves cooking and baking, and runs a beauty blog.

Maryland Boudoir Makeup Artist
Emily Yamoah Makeup Artist

Emily Yamoah

Emily is a makeup artist who started her career shortly after graduating hair school. Although hair was Emily’s first passion, she Grew to fall in love with makeup a short time after hair school in 2007. From there on Emily has done a host of makeup for celebrities and politicians and She specializes in hair and skincare.

Outside of makeup, Emily is a mother to an amazing 6 year old daughter and in her spare time she enjoys studying new skincare routines.

My Fur Babies

Studio Matron
Studio Manager
Loveable Longhair

Each of us believe that:

  • Women need and deserve an empowering reminder of how truly amazing & beautiful they are.
  • That working together allows us to create an experience that will top your expectations.
  • By focusing on our clients, we can make a real difference in their lives, far beyond just makeup and photographs.

Okay, the cats don’t believe that …

they believe we are their servants.

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