Looking for an anniversary gift for him? What can you give your man that will be unique, personal and something he will treasure?

An anniversary boudoir album may fit the bill!

Relationships can move from romantic & exciting to coping with life in the beat of a heart. As our daily tasks, work and stresses take their toll, finding time for each other becomes harder.

Sometimes every relationship can use a bit of spice.

Your anniversary is the time to refresh your love by bringing back the attraction and romance! That is where a boudoir album as an anniversary gift excels.

It allows you to remind him of exactly how lucky he is to have you in his life. And if he is like other husbands, he will be opening the album to remind himself again and again in years to come.

A boudoir photo album is also a gift to yourself.

It reminds you that even when:

  • he doesn’t have time to show it, or
  • you don’t have time to feel it,

you are still a confident and amazingly beautiful woman.

The boudoir album is a great anniversary gift for him

An anniversary boudoir album is more than nude pictures.

In fact, nudity isn’t even necessary. Or if you want nudity, you’ll definitely want to keep your intimate portraits classy. The purpose of the boudoir shoot and gift album is to inspire desire and love.

What is your husband’s favorite thing about you?

Let’s feature that asset! We do that with lighting, setting, and the lingerie, clothing or implied lack of, that you are wearing.

Posing is also an important part of making your photos look amazing. Having photographed all body types, I will coach you into poses that flatter your form.

If you’d like to have the perfect anniversary gift for him this year, contact me early. You want to make certain that:

  • my schedule has availability,
  • that I have the time to edit and order your album,
  • the album company can craft your album,
  • allowing enough time to ship it before your anniversary.

I recommend your shoot be at least 8 weeks before your anniversary. That gives us a cushion to get everything done and make certain it is perfect!

The Anniversary Boudoir album - give the gift of your beauty to your man this year!

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