Some women see boudoir photos and feel they could never be like the woman in the pictures. They look amazing, glamorous, confident and sexy. But seeing the before and after pictures can bring this into perspective.

When scheduling a boudoir photoshoot, I ask clients to send a candid selfie. Preferably little to no makeup. The shot is for the team makeup artists so they can plan the makeup & styling session.

Before and After Pictures - Makeup Artist at Thomas Boudoir
Caitlin helping Mrs. D.H. find her glam!

These photos are not for the public to see, so you don’t have to worry about sending them. They help us cater your boudoir experience to you by creating the best images possible.

On occasion, I will ask the client if we could use their before picture, along with a shoot photo, in a feature on the website.

I’m told many women prefer not to be shown without makeup. So when clients said “sure,” it kind of surprised me.

It came down to this, my clients were blown away with the quality of the service and their photographs. They wanted to inspire other women to take the chance and feel the change it has made in their lives.

Before and after pictures

The first client I want to highlight here is Mrs. D. H. You can find her video testimonial on the testimonials page. She scheduled her photoshoot 2 days before her milestone birthday.

Team member Caitlin came in to glam up Mrs. D. and what an amazing job she did. Mrs. D is a natural beauty, and Caitlin enhanced her look with a natural style that looked amazing through the camera.

Makeup Session At Thomas Crowl Boudoir Studio

The before and after pictures have some “during the makeup session” added in. This way you can see the transformation for yourself.

Boudoir Shoot Photo
Before & After Photos
Another still from the Boudoir Shoot

The second client I want to highlight is Ms. A. For her shoot, our latest team member, Emily, came to the studio to work her magic.

It is always fun to watch as a client relaxes and enjoys the makeup experience. It is the precursor to even more fun during the photoshoot.

Before and After Pictures from Thomas Crowl Boudoir Studio
Emily giving a magical makeover to Ms. A.

Emily took extra time with Ms. A., listening to her likes and dislikes, fine tuning the look to match her desires. She even mixed custom lip color!

Makeup session at the Thomas Boudoir Studio
Thomas Crowl Boudoir Photography

The makeup session is part of our premium boudoir experience. While you can save money by doing your own in advance, I highly recommend you take advantage of the benefit.

Your boudoir experience is a special occasion, and you deserve to be pampered and treated special – because you are!

So when time comes to schedule your boudoir experience, snap that no makeup selfie with confidence. And once it is over, you too may say, sure, include me in your before and after pictures!

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