According to the Omnicore Agency, more than 100 million photographs get uploaded to Instagram everyday. So finding the best boudoir photographers on Instagram is a real challenge.

Just a quick word before I share my links to some of the artists I feel are the best boudoir photographers on the platform. Please remember these selections are slightly biased.


Boudoir photography has many styles, light and airy, dark and moody, sultry and sizzling and erotic or taboo. The boudoir photographer is an artist. They create their style and this helps lead their ideal clients to the get in touch.

For example, there are a lot of Maryland Boudoir Photographers, and even more in the DMV area. My clients tend to come from all over Maryland, Upper Virginia, Lower Pennsylvania and Delaware. But if you don’t like my style of photography, then one of the other photographers would be a better choice for you.

It really is about you getting photos that you will love!

So to my taste, here are some of the best boudoir photographers on Instagram. Some of them have yet to be discovered by the mainstream. Popularity isn’t a huge thing for me, I prefer to follow what I enjoy. I hope you will like and follow them too!

Best Boudoir Photographers On Instagram

Mike “Ohrangu” Tang – FL.

Mike Tang is an image master. His photographs are inspiring for their composition and depth. If you are looking for boudoir inspiration – this is a must follow account!

Sasser Stills Boudoir – CA.

Michael Sasser is the male boudoir photographer guru. He’s the man that inspired me to pick up my camera and shoot boudoir. By the way, if you are a photographer looking to shoot boudoir, I highly recommend his Boudoir Accelerator Course.

Vera Glass Imagery – TX.

Capturing emotional images in beautiful colours. Serving the Austin, TX. area.

Boudoir By Brian Michael – NJ

Located in Southern New Jersey, Brian is a published fine art, fashion and boudoir photographer. He has a beautiful style about his work that I absolutely love. He doesn’t post often, but his images always catch my eye in my Instagram feed!

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Boudoir by Drakenlind

Jenny Drakenlind is based in Stockholm. Her visuals are always stunning. From her natural light to smoke and special effects, her work is an inspiration for any client or photographer planning a boudoir shoot.

Bozeman Boudoir – MT.

Amelia Anne serves up inspirational photos and quotes. A very nice feed from this studio!

Couture Boudoir – NY. / NC. / International

Critsey shoots boudoir from the female perspective. Don’t miss taking a look at her Instagram feed and website portfolio.

Pink Door Boudoir Studio – TX.

Pink Door Boudoir Studio is based in Dallas, TX. Marie has been photographing “Babes” since 2012. Her use of lighting, shadow and sharp images make both her color and B&W images pop.

Macherie Studios – FL.

Based in Tampa Bay, Annika edits with a coloring that instantly tells you she took the photograph. Earlier I mentioned artists create their style – and she stands out in that department!

Finally, while you are checking out my picks for the best boudoir photographers on Instagram, do me a favor and check out my feed!

Boudoir by Thomas is growing slowly. I’m not looking for big numbers though. I’d much rather have people in the DMV area who like my work and are considering a boudoir photoshoot.

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