Boudoir 101 – learn all about boudoir photoshoots. Why should you consider one? What do you need to know? What will happen before, during and after?

About Boudoir 101:

Maryland boudoir photographer Thomas Crowl helps women rediscover their confidence and feel beautiful in the process. Together with his professional hair and makeup artists, the team crafts custom luxury experiences for clients. From the initial consultation through to the final product delivery, they are there to help.

The process begins when you reach out to schedule a free consultation call. Thomas will contact you to learn about you and why you want a boudoir experience. If he feels his services are a match for your needs, he will talk you through the entire process and answer any additional questions about boudoir you may have.

Prior to your appointment, you will receive a free guide to selecting the perfect boudoir outfits and accessories for your photoshoot. Thomas will also provide questionnaires that allow his boudoir studio team to customize the experience to you.

The day of the photoshoot, you will arrive at the studio and Emily or Caitlin will put you in the makeup chair to get your glam on. They’ll work with you to tune your makeup so it is perfect for your closeup! You always get the final say – and you will feel absolutely beautiful.

After hair & makeup, it is time to see what outfits you have selected. Thomas will advise you on what will photograph best and help you develop a plan for outfit changes during the photoshoot. Then he will prepare the studio while you change for the shoot.

With your favorite tunes playing in the background, Thomas will coach you on how to pose from head to toe. He’ll find the most flattering angles and begin to snap the camera shutter. You’ll even get the chance to see some of the images on the camera – and you will be amazed at how incredible you look.

The photo session will last about 90 minutes to two hours. (Figure three hours total with the makeup session.) Before you leave we will schedule your photo reveal and ordering session. The reveal usually happens one to two weeks following the photoshoot.

The day of your reveal, we will start with a boudoir video that highlights scenes from your shoot. Then you will get to see a slideshow of your images. Finally we will go over the images one at a time as you decide which ones you love. Once you decide on the images, we can discuss options for the different products we offer.

From handcrafted custom boudoir albums to wall art to digitals and even personalized phone apps, we will help you frame your images in a way that enhances them.

No doubt, you have questions, and we are here to help. Just fill out the form below to begin the conversation. There is no obligation – and we look forward to talking with you!