Boudoir doesn’t mean naked.
Some people seem to think boudoir photography is almost pornographic. They envision the boudoir photographer snapping pictures of naked women in lewd poses.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
Boudoir doesn’t mean naked, it means:
  • beautiful,
  • sensual,
  • empowered and
  • sexy.
None of those require nudity.
boudoir - not naked
My clients have boudoir sessions for different reasons:
  • Some want a one of a kind gift that only they can give their significant other.

  • Some have gone through struggles in their life and want to reconnect with their softer, sensual side.

  • Some may need to see themselves as sexy, desirable women again.
Their reasons vary. What they achieve from the experience is also unique for every client. The words that most often describe their transformation is: renewed confidence and empowered.
They begin to see themselves as others see them, strong, vibrant, special people. And it opens their eyes.
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So when people look down on boudoir, it bothers me.
They don’t understand what it means to the women that takes the step to treat herself. That a boudoir photoshoot can be a healing experience.
Boudoir Studio Westminster Maryland

boudoir implied nudityBoudoir doesn’t mean naked.

You can be beautiful, sexy, sensual and powerful fully clothed.
Yes, there are clients who want to pose in lingerie or less. And yes, I do shoot implied nudes (where nothing is seen) and artistic nudes.
But those options are up to the client.
It is their shoot. They call the shots.
I am simply there to coach them on flattering poses and capture their moment in a beautiful photograph.

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There is no consultation fee and no obligation. The only difference between the women on my website and you is they took the chance.
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