Lately I have had a few last minute boudoir inquiries:

  • “My husband’s 60th birthday is next week.”
  • “I’m getting married in three weeks.”
  • “I need the photos by Saturday.”

Life gets busy and time gets away from us. Buying presents at the last minute is something most people do at some point in their lives. But boudoir images aren’t something you rush.

First, my studio stays pretty busy. I limit the number of clients I see each month to make sure I can give each one a luxury experience. It can sometimes take months to get someone into the studio.

Besides taking the photos, I go through the shoot to select the best angles and images. Then I personally retouch each image. Acne outbreak the day of the shoot? Makeup helps cover, but I make sure it is gone. When you see your images at the reveal and order session, they will look amazing and be magazine quality!

Usually the reveal is a week or two after the shoot. Most of my clients want albums. I work with professional labs that handcraft custom albums in the materials you choose. This service can add another four weeks onto the delivery.

So condensing a 6 week turn around into a week or two is impossible.

But there are options!

Introducing The Boudoir Video

If you need boudoir in a hurry, the boudoir video may be an option. Men absolutely love boudoir videos. They are beautiful, sexy, addictive and you can bet he will watch it again and again.

Shooting a boudoir video takes less time than a full boudoir photoshoot. While I can’t make any guarantees, there may be a better chance of squeezing this into our studio schedule.

If our schedule permits, we generally can edit a 2 -4 minute HD or 4K resolution boudoir video within a week of the shoot. They come loaded on a Crystal Flash Drive in a custom wooden gift box to make a nice presentation.

So if you are late planning the perfect gift to give to your significant other, reach out. If there is any way I can possibly help you, I will try!

It is better to plan ahead than last minute, but either way, it starts with a conversation! Let’s talk about you and how I may be of service!

Just fill out this form and I will be in touch!