If you are planning to schedule a boudoir session, this article is for you. Before booking, it is a good idea to review these boudoir photography etiquette rules and tips. They can help you make the most of your photoshoot to have a positive experience.

1. Know why you are booking the session.

It is normal to be nervous when planning a boudoir experience. Knowing your why can help calm you and allow you to get the most from your time in front of the camera.

Some women book a boudoir session to surprise a loved one with some sexy photos. Others schedule their photoshoot for themselves. They may be celebrating a milestone, pampering themselves or as a reminder that they are still beautiful, desireable women.

Your reason can be unique to you. One thing is certain, you shouldn’t allow anyone else to make you have a photoshoot. A positive experience requires you to be comfortable, not coerced.

2. Decide what type of photographs you want.

Boudoir photography celebrates you as a female. You want the photos to reflect you when you look and feel your best.

Do you want your photographs to be sexy? Tasteful? Naughty? Glamorous? Sultry? Playful? Cute? Spicy? Innocent? A combination of those?

Think about your desire for the shoot. What would you like the photographer to capture that could create the perfect photo for you?

Boudoir Photography Etiquette

3. Inspiration is good, but don’t copy.

Before the shoot, your boudoir photographer should ask if you have seen any images you would like to use as inspiration.

Remember that these photos are to inspire ideas for your photoshoot. Don’t expect to recreate an exact copy of the photograph: pose, setting or outfit.

4. You set the limits.

Boudoir doesn’t mean naked. You, not the photographer or anyone else, controls what you show or do not show to the camera.

Yes, a lot of women bare themselves during a boudoir shoot, but only if they want. There are just as many who have shoots without any exposure. Leaving something to the imagination is very sexy too.

So remember that you control the shoot and should speak up if you are uncomfortable with any part of the experience.

5. Hire a professional boudoir photographer.

There is a difference between posing people for a portrait or wedding photo, and boudoir.

The professional boudoir photographer understands how to create the most flattering poses for different body types. This requires more than just how to stand, tilt your head, or where to look.

Lighting also plays a role in a beautiful boudoir photograph. Most boudoir photographers shoot in natural lighting, allowing the shadows to play across the curves of their models.

Hiring a professional who specializes in boudoir photography will increase your comfort level and the quality of your photos.

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6. Does your photographer have a boudoir studio?

Do your homework before hiring your photographer. Some people will shoot in their living room, basement or shed equipped with a backdrop and air mattress. Others will have a full boudoir studio.

The set up doesn’t matter if you are comfortable, but you should know before going in. The last thing you want is to be surprised with an unexpected twist the day of your photoshoot.

7. Make sure you are comfortable with your photographer.

A boudoir experience is a vulnerable time. You want to trust and have confidence in your photographer.

A professional boudoir photographer understands the situation. They have experienced it many times with many clients and understand the feelings. They have the know how to help you relax and enjoy your photoshoot.

Because this is so important – here are some tips to help make sure you hire the right boudoir photographer . . .

a.) Check their portfolio and decide if you really like their work.

The style of the portfolio will reflect in your final photographs, so if you have any concerns, look for another photographer.

b.) Read their reviews.

How do their previous clients feel about their service. This will definitely have an impact on your hiring decision.

c.) Check their social media.

Numbers of followers, likes and shares don’t mean much. The quality and consistency of their work does.

d.) Watch their videos.

If they have videos, make sure to take the time to watch them. The more you see, the better you will feel about your hiring decision.

e.) Talk to the photographer.

Either in person or on the phone. Some people are afraid to talk to photographers, thinking will try to sell them during the call. If you are afraid to talk with them in advance, hiring them may not be a good decision.

The conversation should answer your questions and give you an idea of what the experience at the studio will entail. The photographer shouldn’t be pushy. The call should focus on you and your needs. Only that way can the photographer determine if they can help meet your photography goals.

Association of International Boudoir Photographers

8. Professionalism is important.

Your photographer should act in a professional manner at all times. This should be evident from their website to correspondence to the way they act.

I have seen video of boudoir photographers touching models to pose them. This is a major NO! It is very bad etiquette. Your photographer should never lay a hand on you without first asking.

Sometimes your hair or something may need a slight arrangement. Othertimes a tag may be visible on your clothing. They should always ask if you want to try and fix the problem, or if they should do it. It may be fastest to let them, but you must be comfortable with it and provide permission.

Never forget boudoir photography etiquette rule #4 – You set the limits and you control the shoot. The photographer works for you. While you should follow their advice to get the best photos possible, you have the final say on any pose or suggestion.

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