I’m happy to announce there is a new boudoir photography studio in Maryland! When I told friends I was opening a studio, they all said, “But you are a man!” (My friends are pretty observant …)

The boudoir legend.

Boudoir is a field of photography dominated by female photographers. The belief is many that women are uncomfortable with a male photographer. But that isn’t true of every woman.

Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue and Playboy use more male photographers than women. You need to be comfortable with the photographer, their references and their work, male or female.

Boudoir Photography Studio in Maryland

Photography is photography, no matter which sex is behind the camera. The key is how you compose a photo. How it is lit, posed, focused and the angle you take it.

The photographer is an artist, we hope. It is important you like the look and style of the photographs the artist creates. What clients want is a wonderful, professional experience with great pictures.

Men and women have different concepts of what is sexy.

Being a man actually helps my clients. I am able to provide them with an insight into the man’s perspective. If you are surprising a male partner with a birthday, wedding or anniversary gift, this is a bonus!

Boudoir Photography In Maryland

Maryland boudoir photography as art …

There was a time that boudoir photographs had a “cheesy” look and feel. Feather boas and pin up poses are a thing of the past. My boudoir photography focuses on the subject in an artistic manner. I want to show my clients for what they are – unique, beautiful and powerful women.


Of course. It takes courage and strength to put yourself out there for a boudoir photo session. Everyone I know has some self doubt and insecurities about the way they look. Boudoir clients have to overcome that self doubt.

As a boudoir photographer, it is my job to help, coaching clients to pose so we highlight their strengths. At the same time, my work shows clients that it is our imperfections that make us perfect.

The boudoir experience is about capturing your personality, sexuality and natural beauty. Once you see your photos on the back of the camera, you will realize you were born for this!

If you are looking for boudoir photography in Maryland, check out the website. Then, I’d love to talk with you about creating your perfect images!

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