Planning a boudoir session? Here are some boudoir photography tips for clients to help you look good in your boudoir photos!

How to look good in boudoir photos …

If your photographer tells you to look sexy – you have the wrong photographer! (If you are just looking for tips on Full Body Selfies, check out this article.)

My first client tip is to make sure you hire a professional boudoir photographer. They understand how to coach you into the best poses. Looks that will flatter your body type and help you rock your images. A photographer who dabbles in multiple genres of photography may not be as versed in posing a boudoir shoot. This would affect the quality of your images.

Once you hire a professional, the rest becomes easy!

Boudoir Photography Tip For Clients - Point Your Toes

Client Tip Number Two: Point those toes!

Pointing your toes has the same effect as high heels. It makes your legs look longer and tightens the calf muscles. This defines your curves and looks amazing in your photographs.

So if you are standing, lift yourself onto your toes. If you are lying down, point your toes. Set your internal reminder to go off every minute or so as you continue to tell yourself – “point my toes!”

Boudoir Client Photo Tip: Arch Your Back

Tip Number Three: Arch your back.

Curves are sexy. In photography they draw the eye along a shape. We define curves with negative space.

While not all photographs will require you to arch your back, it will be something to keep in mind. (Your photographer can offer his or her advice on this as they coach you into a pose.)

You don’t need to twist your spine into an uncomfortable shape to arch your back. Stand straight and while keeping your upper torso still, thrust you hips back slightly. This give a wonderful definition to your lower back.

Want to increase the arch, bring your shoulders back and chest forward.

Congratulations, you are now an expert back archer!

How to make a sexy face …

Ever see that dreamy seductive sexy face in a boudoir photo and think, I could never look like that? Sure you can. That leads us to:

Tip Number Four: Squint Your Eyes.

Some people try to hold their eyes open so they won’t blink during a photo. This creates a wide eye expression that can be funny, but not always flattering.

When I say squint your eyes, you may be thinking that won’t be attractive either. But we aren’t talking about squinting as in a bright light. Because you are right, that wouldn’t be attractive!

If you show interest in something, you focus on it. Think about when you are listening to an interesting conversation. That is the type of squint I am referring to.

Your eyes aren’t fully open, they aren’t closed either – they are relaxed and focused. Practice that look in a mirror. When we add that to my other tips, we’ll have you making that seductive sexy face in no time!

boudoir photo tip - breathe through your mouth

Tip Number Five: Breathe Through Your Mouth.

This boudoir photography tip goes against your upbringing! You’ve probably been told time and again – breathe through your nose – not your mouth.

Mouth breathing can’t be sexy – can it?

When something feels good, chances are you let out a breath of air through your mouth. It could be someone kissing your neck. Massaging your back. Touching you intimately, or even just sitting down to relax after a long day at work.

So take a breath, part your lips and let the air escape. You’ll feel good doing it and help create an expression of seduction.

Tip Number Six: Almost Close Your Eyes.

When you close your eyes to create that dreamy look, don’t actually close them!

Lower your eyelids until you are just barely able to see through your lashes. This feels weird and like it is hard to hold, but will make your eyelids look relaxed and smooth in a photograph.

Smiles Are Sexy!

Tip Number Seven: Smiles Are Sexy!

There is a saying: The most beautiful curve on a woman is her smile.

Don’t assume you need to create a seductive look in every photo. If your photographer says something funny, smile and laugh. A genuine smile will shape your face into a glowing, beautiful image.

Tip Number Eight: Your Sexy Secret.

Another way to create that dreamy seductive look is to remember. Think about a sexy little secret you have. Something that makes you feel good when you recall the moment. Then, as your photographer snaps the shutter, remember how it made you feel.

I hope you found these boudoir photography tips for clients helpful. If you would be interested in learning more, or possibly scheduling your own boudoir experience, use the contact form below.