Is it budoir? Or bodoure? Neither – it is boudoir.

Before we discuss boudoir – or budoir – or bodoure – or bordeaux … I could use a drink now – I want to share a thought.

I used to watch the terminator movies and think wow, one day computers will be so smart they will take over the world. We’ll have mechanical Arnold Schwarzeneggers running around destroying mankind.

Then my computer started changing my passwords because it didn’t think I was spelling things right. That was frustrating as hell. Took me awhile to realize it was happening too!

Is that part of the artificial intelligence plot? Does it think I’m just stupid? Or is it just that far off from understanding human logic? (Or lack thereof.)

But if people are typing budoir, or bodoure or even bordeaux into Google and ending up on a boudoir website – spell check isn’t working.

Plus Google is a lot smarter than I thought!

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The correct spelling, if you haven’t gotten it yet – is boudoir. It took me a while to remember it too. I kept wanting to write it as boudior. And there were times when I started, that my brain refused to allow me to pronounce the word.

Boudoir is a form of intimate portraiture. Sensual photography. Sexy pictures. But unlike the photos you see in men’s magazines, these photos serve a deeper purpose.

Today, people get pulled in so many directions it is hard to devote time to themselves.

Social and traditional media gives the impression others live fuller lives. They appear more beautiful and more deserving. This leads to self doubt and the dreaded inner voice telling us we aren’t good enough.

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Boudoir photo albums are sometimes given to a significant other as a gift. But for the women who have a boudoir photo shoot, the real gift is the confidence they gain.

Seeing their photos and realizing they are still amazing, desireable women gives a renewed strength. The transformation my clients experience during a shoot is mind blowing.

So even if you typed in budoir, or bodoure or bordeaux (unless you were looking for wine,) you found the right place.

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