Implied Nudity In Your Boudoir Session

How To Look Naked While Keeping It Classy.

Implied nudity during your boudoir photoshoot is a time tested element for successful boudoir images.

Curiosity, desire and imagination are three things that drive mankind’s desire.

They create a total experience.

That is why a car commercial shows you the wheels, embellishments and tech before cutting to a full shot of their latest vehicle.

That is why men’s magazines put a beautiful face on the cover as a hint of what is to come.

That is why you have an appetizer and salad before your main course and desert.

And that is why you should consider a bit of implied nudity at your boudoir session.

This decision is up to you as a client. The photographer should never demand or expect you to do anything against your will.

But you want amazing boudoir photographs, and implied nudity will help you achieve that goal.

So in this article, I will suggest ways to look naked, without exposing anything. A way to add a bit of sizzle that will create that spark of curiosity, desire and imagination.

Exposing your back, neck and shoulders.

boudoir implied nudity

This technique is one of my favorites. Nothing can is visible, yet with a bare back and seeing your neck and shoulders, it implies nudity.

Your photographer can adjust his or her angle to catch you peeking back over your shoulder with a sly little smile. And your viewer will be wondering – did she or didn’t she?

This can be as little or as much of your back as you want. To keep it tamer, just lower your bra straps so they are out of the photo and have your photographer do a head & shoulders shot.

Go a bit further by keeping your front covered, but totally exposing your back. When photographed right, no one will know your front is still covered.

Want to really add some sizzle? Lower your underwear a bit so the photo can include a bit of the top of your bottom. The right crop of the photograph will really leave people wondering!

Strategic Covering & Exposure

Holding a pillow, blankets or clothing in front of you can create implied nude imagery too.

Expose a bit of skin, the shoulders, the legs or thigh and people will imagine the rest. You sell the sizzle and allow the imagination to create the rest.

These style shots look great on the bed with a faux fur blanket arranged to cover your private areas. They create a very classy, sexy look.

Angles and Lighting

Clever use of angles and shadows can also hide things. Certain areas recede into shadows, so is she, or isn’t she naked?

Nude Undergarments

A soft focus or low lighting can cause people to do a double take. Skin colored undergarments can blend into the background.

This will create the impression you are naked, yet nothing actually shows.

Want to remove the lines? Talk to your photographer to see what they can do to blend tones and remove lines in the edit.


Lying on your stomach is a perfect opportunity to go topless. Nothing will show and the impact will be huge.

Wearing an open shirt that shows a hint of your breasts, while crossing your legs to hide your panties is another implied nude pose. The shirt covers the top and your arms and legs hide the lower area.

Again, the amount of nudity or even implied nudity is up to you as a client. You should never be pressured into a pose or state of dress or undress that is uncomfortable for you.

As a professional boudoir photographer, I can share this:
Implied nude images work best when the subject is actually naked. Photoshop is an amazing tool for image manipulation. But an altered photograph is still altered.

If you are concerned about being seen by the photographer, there are ways to preserve your dignity while still capturing great images. Talk with your photographer before the shoot to determine what will work best for you.

In the end, it is all about you being comfortable. So let’s find a way to create your amazing images within your comfort zone.
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