In an earlier article I wrote about intimate portraits. It was a pretty basic description, so I felt it was time to talk more about intimate photography.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary definition of the word Intimate has several meanings. They each play a part in creating intimate photography.

1. A. A warm friendship developing through long association

A solid, intimate relationship is one where the husband and wife are more than lovers. They are each other’s best friend. To create truly intimate photos, I like to ask questions about their relationship.

How did they meet? What attracted him to her and vice versa? What are her hobbies? What are his? What do they enjoy together? What are their most memorable moments?

The answers help me cater the boudoir photoshoot to their dynamic.

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B. Informal warmth or privacy

Merriam-Webster referred an example of an intimate club. I take that as a relaxing atmosphere where you can be yourself. A private, safe environment.

A relationship has that vibe, and it plays a part in an intimate photography photoshoot.

My staff and I go all out to make sure our clients are comfortable and having fun. It is a judgement free zone where they can relax and be themselves.

The boudoir studio is a private and safe environment. We set it to a temperature that is right for you.

The fact we are able to help clients feel at ease shows in my photographs. It is difficult to look amazing when you aren’t relaxed.

intimate photographs - boudoir by Thomas

C. Marked by sex

I took a few words out of this part of the definition. There is a definite sexual edge to intimate photography. That doesn’t mean there is sex.

Sexual edge can be a tease. A bra strap down over the shoulder, an open shirt that covers private areas. A blanket covering parts of the body.

A smoldering look, a sexy dress or outfit can convey this too.

Intimate photography doesn’t have to include nudity. That is the client’s decision, and it honestly runs about 50/50. As an intimate photographer, my job is to work within your comfort zone to capture images that you will love. And your significant other will too!

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2. Of a very personal or private nature.

This definition hits the mark. Intimate photography is very personal and private. It is something to be shared between a couple.

There is a side benefit to a boudoir photoshoot though.

Some women walk through my door thinking about the photographs as a gift for their loved one. But during the session, things change.

They begin to see themselves in a new light. Their confidence soars and it becomes an empowering experience.

I respect the privacy of my clients. Photographs are never shared unless the client provides written permission. And I find that more and more clients want to share!

Why? The feeling the shoot gives them is one they want to help other women experience. It may be their photo that encourages another woman to take action.


Finally I will skip all the way down the definition page to

4 b: belonging to or characterizing one’s deepest nature

This is another area where intimate photography excels. If the photographer does his or her homework, and you as a client are comfortable, the camera will capture your essence.

This is more than just being put in a variety of poses. The photoshoot may start that way, but soon you will find that your mind and body begin to take over. This is a magical moment!

Your photographer will still guide you and make suggestions for the best look. But your natural instincts and personality will begin to shine. And that will show in your photographs.

My Westminster Maryland Boudoir studio accepts a limited number of bookings each month so we can provide first class service to our clients.

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