Boudoir photography is an intimate portrait. It allows the subject to become comfortable in their own skin, seeing themself as others see them.

That is why intimate portraits are important …

Every woman wants to feel beautiful. Add to that a layer of confidence about their looks, and a person can be an unstoppable force.

Unfortunately, today the media celebrates beauty with Photoshopped images of perfection. And while the photo may be pleasant to view, looks alone are not true beauty. I’ve known plenty of gorgeous women with horrible personalities.

As a man, I can tell you that most men don’t hold a woman’s beauty to the standard of a magazine picture. We realize that physical attractiveness is only one aspect.

It is the entire package of personality, friendship and love that makes a woman truly beautiful.

That is why it pains me when a woman is overly critical of her looks. Some feel they aren’t attractive enough. Some feel they are overweight or too old.

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They are the ones who need boudoir experiences the most.

I could tell a woman one hundred times how beautiful she is and how amazing she looks. In the beginning of a relationship those words impact her. As time moves forward, the compliment has less meaning.

If I take an intimate portrait of a woman and show that to her, it becomes proof. Proof is power, giving her the confidence in herself that is hard to achieve any other way. It allows self love to replace self doubt.

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Boudoir photography is more than just intimate photos.

It celebrates every aspect of the woman. That builds her self esteem, reminding her of how sexy and vibrant she is.

If you have lost or never seem to have the time to bring forth your awesomeness, now is the time to consider boudoir. If you are uncomfortable with your looks, see yourself through the eyes of an artist. Give yourself the gift of self love.

Heirloom quality boudoir photographs will be picture proof that you are as beautiful as ever.

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