I’m often asked why women would want me to photograph them in various stages of dress and undress. When you get classy boudoir images, it isn’t about what the subject wears, or doesn’t wear, but how they look. That is one of the top reasons they seek out my services.

Women have different motivations for hiring a boudoir photographer. Some want to give their boyfriend, groom or husband a sexy gift. Others want it because it shows they care about their body and are proud of how they look.

Then there are those who need some #SelfLove.

It is too easy to look in a mirror and find flaws. You are standing inches from your reflection and hunting for any imperfections. Given the time, you will not only find things you don’t like about yourself, but begin to obsess over them.

The more you think about something, the faster your attention will focus on it time and again. This reinforces beliefs that the person is not perfect. Those beliefs can cause feelings of inadequacy, depression and unworthiness.

But I have good news … no one else is standing that close to you and searching for imperfections.

Boudoir Photographer Customer Testimonial

#SelfLove Fact #1: No one is free of imperfection.

Everyone has flaws, they may:

  • weigh too much …
  • have hair that never lays properly …
  • not like their thighs,
  • or stomach,
  • or hairline,
  • or scars,
  • or chin, or

… you get the idea.

So how will classy boudoir images help?

It is very simple. The existence of photographs that prove your beautiful will brighten your life. When you see how amazing you look as an artist with a camera captures your image, your doubts will fade.

#SelfLove Fact #2: Our imperfections make us perfect.

If you are looking for a boudoir photographer that will Photoshop you into a super model, I’m not that photographer!

Sure, I can and do clean up images, but some of my clients’ favorites are ones straight out of the camera. Photoshop isn’t real beauty.

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#SelfLove Fact #3: You are beautiful.

I mentioned this in my article on intimate portraits: true beauty is a result of the entire package:

Personality, friendship and love.

No matter what reason women have for wanting boudoir images, they all have one thing in common … when they see the results, they feel better about themselves. It is a very uplifting experience!

Thinking about some classy boudoir photographs?

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