A boudoir experience is a milestone in your journey of self love. So it makes sense to concern yourself with what to wear for your boudoir session. In this article I’m going to share some boudoir outfit ideas that you probably already own. There is no need to break the bank.

Some clients want to go out and buy a whole new boudoir-style wardrobe. Buying new outfits can be fun and therapeutic, but it isn’t necessary.

Boudoir images are all about you.

What you wear for your boudoir session should enhance your looks and personality. You want boudoir to reflect your true beauty, not a fantasy.

True beauty empowers you as a woman.

Fantasy images reinforce the feeling you aren’t good enough as yourself. That isn’t true.

No matter what your age, body type or battle scars, you are more amazing than you realize.

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Now lets talk about what to wear for your boudoir session!

Start comfortable:

A boudoir is a private environment/chambers area for a woman. Traditionally, her dressing room connected to her bedroom.

So let’s tell a story. You come home after your day to change into something more comfortable.

Boudoir outfit ideas - comfortable clothing to wear for your boudoir session

Your first outfit could be:

  • Jeans and a button down shirt if you had a casual day.
  • Office attire if you work in a professional environment.

Or perhaps you are coming home from a party.

  • You may be wearing an attractive evening dress,
  • or the popular “little black dress.”

High slit skirts or dresses are also popular selections at the start of a boudoir session. They allow you to reveal as much or as little as you are comfortable with, while still being discreet.

For each of these outfit styles, think about your footwear. Would you be wearing sandals? Dress shoes? High heels?

What about jewelry? A necklace? Earrings? Bracelets? Broaches or Pins?

How about other accessories? A purse or handbag? Hat? A gym bag if you just finished working out?

Create your list so you don’t forget anything the day of your boudoir session.

Any of these outfits allows for a multitude of poses perfect for starting your boudoir album. You will also be more comfortable as you adjust to the studio environment and get used to the camera.

Photographer Reference

Get Playful:

Your boudoir story continues with a second outfit. There are a lot of ways to be dress playful!

  • Maybe you are wearing your partner’s shirt over some sexy shorts, panties or a thong.
  • How about a t-shirt featuring a favorite sports team? Again, these look amazing over shorts or high-waist panties.
  • Consider a jacket, leather jackets rock the playful look.
  • An off the shoulder sweater is another playful, sexy look.

Be Enticing:

You’ve shown your sexy comfortable side, your playfulness, and now it is time to rock your partner’s world! (Or your own if the boudoir session is a gift to yourself.)

Sexy, enticing boudoir outfit ideas include:

  • A bodysuit,
  • a slip,
  • a teddy and
  • lingerie

are excellent choices for a third outfit to wear at your boudoir session. Consider thigh high stockings with a garter belt too. 

For bras and panty sets, chose colors that can accent and add contrast to your skin tones. You want lingeries and outfits that can create a subdued, romantic and sensual look. You also want pieces that will pop!

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Since bra and panties pack small, I recommend you bring four or five sets to your boudoir session. This gives you choices and your photographer can work with you to select the best option.

Some tips for panties, thongs and hipsters photograph very well. If you have body concerns such as tummy or buttocks, consider waist high panties to help slim.

IMPORTANT: Make sure your clothing/lingerie fits properly. Flesh that expands over bra straps or elastic bands of panties are not helpful. Those extra bulges are very noticeable in photographs.

Tight clothing can also leave marks and impressions on your skin.

While I can clean these up in photoshop, editing is time consuming and expensive. Trust me when I say you don’t want heavily edited photos. A bit of planning allows you to see yourself naturally, in a whole new light!

Be Daring:

This phase of the boudoir shoot is up to each individual client’s comfort zone. Nudity is not a requirement for boudoir!

The Booty Shot
Implied nudity in boudoir shots gives a sense of daring – yet nothing is actually shown.

Still, one of the sexiest outfits you can wear for your boudoir session is your birthday suit. (Warning, if wrinkled, don’t try to iron it!)

Nothing is quite as sexy to a man as implied nudity. You aren’t showing anything, but the impact is huge.

My boudoir studio is filled with pillows, towels, fur blankets and other ways to discreetly cover you. It could be the way your legs are crossed, your body is turned or your arm is draped.

The best part is the fact you already have this outfit!

Things to think about when choosing what to wear during your boudoir session:

Cut all tags from your outfits, including the little white care tags. These have a way of popping out and will distract from the image. Your photographer can Photoshop them out, but a bit of time removing tags before can save hours of editing later.

I’ve put together a PDF guide of 26 Boudoir Outfits and Ideas you can download here for free. The PDF also contains some incredible shopping resources to provide you with ideas and inspiration.

Now that you know what to wear for your boudoir session, reach out if you have any questions.

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