Your Boudoir Experience

The Boudoir Photoshoot

What to expect on
your big day!

Don’t be surprised if you hear a lot of commotion when you get to the door. The cats will be scrambling for safety!

Mayble will probably come check you out. You might even see Ginger at some point. Pepper, my manager, will be long gone, because like most managers, he is never around when you want him.

I’ll greet you at the door and help you bring in any wardrobe or other items you brought along. We’ll drop these off in the boudoir studio.

Boudoir Photography Studio in Westminster, MD.

This is the perfect time to take a look at your outfits.

I’ll help you select the wardrobe/ensembles that will create the best imagery. Pieces that will compliment your skin tones and can pop against the backgrounds.

On the site and in our guides, I say we’ll only use 3 outfits. But please, feel free to bring more. Having extras give us options to make sure we capture images you will love.

Plus, I’m always happy to shoot a bit longer and who knows, maybe we’ll add an extra outfit or two to your shoot!

This is “you time,” so relax and enjoy it!
boudoir photoshoot makeup session

Time for hair and makeup!

The day of your shoot, either Caitlin or Emily will be here to help you get your glam on!

They are going to pamper you and make you look absolutely beautiful! While this is going on, how about a glass of wine or bubbly? Or even just a bottle of water?

boudoir photoshoot makeup artist

After the makeover session, Caitlin or Emily generally leave.

If you prefer, let me know when scheduling and we can arrange for them to stay for the shoot. There is an extra charge to cover their time if they stay.

Some clients feel more comfortable with another person there. Others feel intimidated with extra eyes in the room.

You decide what is right for you.

“Can I bring a friend?”

Sure, thing. For details, check out that question on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Now you need to get ready!

You’ll head over to the boudoir studio to change into your first outfit. As you do that, I help break down the makeup station and prepare the portrait studio, where we will begin the photoshoot.

The portrait studio

This studio features wall areas for leaning shots. There are beautiful backdrops and papers to give you different backgrounds. Plus there is a large window for amazing afternoon light.

boudoir portrait studio

Learn the posing game.

Remember that fear of not knowing how to pose for your pictures?

It is time to end that now.

Before the camera shutter starts to click, you’ll hear all my secret tips!

You’ll find out how to create that sexy, dreamy look on your face. It is really easy!

Next, you’ll discover my top secret mirror moves. Your images are going to look like you’ve been doing this your entire life!!!

Let’s take it another step and help you get your groove on!

Somewhere along the way, I’ll be asking about your music preferences. Tunes will start playing in the studio to help you find your rhythm.

tips for better selfies

This is play time, so relax and have some fun!


Boudoir Photoshoot
Journey of self love
The shutter will start clicking.

You’ll get to see some images right on the camera, with no retouch and no edits.

Image Review
Intimate Portraits in Maryland
maryland boudoir photoshoot
boudoir photoshoot in Westminster, MD.

And your confidence will skyrocket!

Boudoir Photoshoot Image Review
“I can’t believe that is really me!”

I hear that a lot.

But it will be you!

And after a few previews, you’ll realize how much your inner voice lied!

We’ll spend some time getting great images and a variety of poses in the portrait studio.

Now you’re comfortable, confident and ready, so …

Let’s head to the boudoir studio . . .

Time to take some incredible photos of you kneeling on and lying across the bed.

Let’s add in:

  • Reflections in the mirror,
  • faux fur throws and pillows
  • and a high back chair 

all help offer a variety of posing possibilities!

There are so many options.

And thanks to your planning session, we’ll make sure to get the shots you want!



You’ll have a blast, time will fly and you will be walking on cloud 9!

It will be good to be you!

The Boudoir

Boudoir Photoshoot in Westminster Maryland
Maryland Boudoir Photographer Image
Boudoir Photoshoot Client
Lighting tips for better selfies
Boudoir Photoshoot

I would highly recommend shooting with Thomas! He is very knowledgeable, he is very professional, he is very creative  – and he is a very nice guy!

Ms. A.M.

Or contact Thomas to arrange your free, no-obligation pre-planning session!