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Let’s celebrate you!

When was the last time you heard that? Too long, I’m sure.

You’re determined to beat that nasty inner voice that tells you, “you can’t.” But you know you can.

Every moment of your life has brought you to this point. It is time to put aside all negativity.

Your journey has turned you into an incredible woman. It is time for you to realize that!

You may be nervous. That is a natural reaction. You are stepping outside of your comfort zone to try something different.

One of my favorite images of all times illustrates what you can achieve by taking a chance.

Everyone starts out nervous, but the transformation in your life will be incredible. I promise.

And I am here to help you make the most of it, every step of the way.

Your boudoir experience begins long before you ever enter the studio.

Each phase is important because it leads to your success.

You’ll begin with a free boudoir pre-planning session.

There is no pressure, no hassle and no judgement.

The pre-planning session is a chance for us to get to know each other.

During the pre-planning session, we’ll discuss:

Your why . . .

bridal boudoir

Why do you want to have a boudoir photoshoot?

There is no wrong answer.

Some women want to give a special gift to their significant other. A gift that is unique, personal and can’t be purchased in a store.

Some of my clients want to celebrate a special birthday or a milestone in their lives.

Maybe you have gone through a particularly tough period, illness, divorce, loss, and want to remind yourself how special you are.

Sharing your why allows me to guide you toward a rewarding experience that meets your needs.

Your Questions . . .

No doubt you have questions. And I am here to answer them.

There is a pretty complete Frequently Asked Questions page here on the website.

But sometimes, it helps to hear the answer from me. So please, ask away!

boudoir pre-planning session

Your Concerns . . .

What to wear?
How to pose?
body issues,
and so much more.

By the end of the call, we will be old friends!

(Well, I’ll be the old one!)

No-Judgement Zone
begins here.

There are no stupid questions.

There is no pressure.

After we talk, if you decide you want to schedule a spot in our studio, I am happy to help.
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boudoir window - in home boudoir shoot

Ready to schedule your free boudoir pre-planning session?

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