There is a fine line between glamour and boudoir photography. That is why, although I specialize in boudoir, there are times I accept glamour photography clients.

One room of my Westminster studio is a small but traditional photo studio. It features incredible natural light during the afternoon. For evening shoots, there is a diffused beauty dish flash, a ring light and other spots. These extra lights allow me to shoot a more traditional portrait look.

My style of glamour photography tends to mix several genres. Traditional glamour style is more portrait in nature. The client is generally looking into the camera, smiles and “poses” for the camera.

With traditional, the focus is on the face. The lighting is flattering and even, while keeping the skin soft and glowing. It has a focus on the beauty of the model.

Harpers Ferry Train Station Photoshoot

Boudoir photography makes use of shadows and all natural light. (At least in my studio!) It creates a mood, focusing on sensual beauty.

Where boudoir may (or may not) involve lingerie or implied nudity, a glamour photography shoot is usually fully clothed. My glamour style tends to incorporate fashion style photography too.

Think Vogue magazine cover style.

You can see that there are similarities and differences that lend themselves well to cross over for a photographer.

My boudoir studio team includes two amazing makeup artists. They are well versed in glamour makeup too. So both the boudoir and glamour photography sessions may include hair and makeup.

When a client asks, I recommend they take advantage of the opportunity to use the hair and makeup option. It gives you a chance to relax, get pampered and chill before your closeup.

There is also a difference between everyday makeup and photography makeup. The camera catches details that the eye doesn’t. Caitlin & Emily have experience making sure you look incredible in front of the lens.

If you are thinking about a glamour photography session and are near Westminster, MD. – reach out to discuss your shoot. There is no cost or obligation, I am here to answer your questions and see if I can be of service.