Boudoir Photography Studio

My Maryland boudoir photography studio is located near downtown Westminster. In the past I have shot boudoir in hotels, client’s homes and at other photographry studios.

I have now converted the top floor of my home into a small, but awesome boudoir photography studio. The studio features two rooms, both with lots of natural light.

With a variety of options to choose from, your boudoir experience can be tailored to fit your personality and look. Enjoy this peek at the new studio and let me know if you have any questions!

The Boudoir Portrait Studio:

Westminster Maryland Boudoir Photography Studio

The portrait studio offers a variety of backdrops to choose from. Traditional portrait style looks include the vivid blue in the photo above, a muted grey and even a boudoir red. There are also several “wall” looks and a boudoir window scene.

I can also photograph you against paper backdrops for crisp white, black or green screen backgrounds. We can discuss your likes ahead of time so if you prefer multiple backdrops they can be ready to go. Less time changing backdrops means saving more time for shooting your photos!

Maryland Boudoir Photography Studio


While I try to shoot with as much natural light as I can, sometimes the weather or time of day doesn’t cooperate. The studio has plenty of additional lights, from soft boxes, flashes and a beauty dish, to ring lights and background lighting. I’ll make sure you are ready for your close-up!


The Boudoir: 

Maryland Boudoir Photography Studio

A simple, elegant space that will make a wonderful backdrop for your boudoir experience. The boudoir features several different color fur throws and blankets that will compliment your skin tones.

Not into faux fur? Not a problem, there are velour spreads, a white bedspread and crisp white sheets available.

Maryland Boudoir Photographer Image
Westminster Maryland Boudoir Photography Studio
Westminster Maryland Boudoir Photography Studio
Westminster Maryland Boudoir Photography Studio

Meet The Manager:

This is my manager, Pepper. I know he is my manager because he doesn’t help, creates extra work for me and prevents me from getting things done.  But he is definitely in charge and keeps a close eye on me.

Pepper is a ferral cat rescue. He is one of three rescue cats that live here. While none of them are allowed in the Boudoir itself, they do make themselves at home in the portrait studio once and awhile.

Are You Allergic To Cats?

If so, you won’t want to have your boudoir experience at Casa Crowl’s Maryland Boudoir Photography Studio. But never fear, I also shoot at several other Maryland photography studios, hotels and can even shoot in a client’s home.

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