Something arrived at the studio and I had to create an unboxing video. Take a look and see one of the most beautiful boudoir albums we offer!

A boudoir photoshoot is an investment in yourself. You are treated to a luxury experience, from the moment you schedule through the delivery of your images.

An experience that celebrates you!

You deserve to be celebrated! The benefits of a boudoir experience resurface every time you look at your images and realize you are an amazing woman. And that is why it bothers me when some clients say, “I’ll probably just get the digitals.”

How many times have you searched and searched for a photo on your phone or computer? Even the best designed filing system can give you trouble finding a specific image.

Have you ever had a hard drive crash? Recovery is expensive and some files may never be saved. 

And when it comes to storage, remember when CD’s were all the rage? Now it is hard to find a CD reader. Then there were flash drives. My computer doesn’t even have that jack anymore, which means you need a converter to plug it in. Technology changes constantly, what seems like a great idea for digital images today, can quickly become outdated or no longer supported.

And then there is the cloud. But even there files can get lost – and once things are online, how safe are they? Every major cloud service has been hacked over the years.

Bridal Boudoir Specialist

Some women think they will buy digital files and then get them developed locally or online to save money.

Here is the problem with that:

Local and online photo printers work on high volume. You are never sure if their color callibration will be correct. So if your images return with a green cast, or don’t look as sharp as they should, your savings aren’t worth it!

Plus, you are never sure who will see those files, or if they will remain private. Boudoir photography by its nature if intimate portraiture. Chances are you don’t want those images spread around.

We offer beautiful boudoir albums of the highest quality.

Our album vendor only deals with professional photographers. They maintain the highest quality printers that guarantee a perfect print. I edit all of my files to their standards so you get the best looking photographs possible.

You have your choice of cover materials, from beautiful vegan leathers to silk and linens. Your boudoir album will be hand made to your specifications. They literally are a work of art – that hold your works of art!

When you come to the studio, I’ll show you samples of the beautiful boudoir albums we offer. You’ll get to see the cover swatches and enjoy the experience of creating your album your way!

These luxury albums are the perfect way for you to enjoy your boudoir photographs for a lifetime. 

Your boudoir photographs are a work of art – and art deserves to be displayed.

To learn more about our beautiful albums and a boudoir experience at my studio, fill out the form below to start the conversation.

I’ll look forward to talking with you!