The pandemic of 2020 sucked. But one thing it did, was allow me time to turn the second floor of my home into a boudoir photography studio.

Prior to building the studio, I would shoot boudoir in hotel rooms. Or occasionally rent a studio somewhere to shoot. This added expense had to be passed along to my clients.

For years, I had wanted to turn the back room of my second floor into a portrait studio. But portrait photography doesn’t provide the impact on people’s lives like boudoir does.

When clients talk about their boudoir sessions, they rave about the experience. The photoshoot itself renews their confidence. And when they get the photos – watch out! Emotions spring forth. It is amazing to see the profound effect boudoir photography can have.

That is why I decided to specialize. And a simple portrait photography studio wasn’t going to cut it.

So I decided to turn both upstairs rooms of my Westminster, Maryland home into photo studios.

The rear facing room became my portrait studio. The front facing room became the boudoir studio.

boudoir portrait studio

Both rooms feature amazing windows that flood the room with natural light in the late morning to late afternoon hours. This is why I prefer to shoot during that time frame.

I also have flashes, speed lights, a ring light and spots. These allow me to light the room for clients who can’t work an afternoon into their schedule.

(Trust me – you want to shoot in the afternoon!)

Since opening my boudoir photo studio, I’ve added a bunch of new backdrops to the mix. I’m even working on something new that I think clients will love – but I’ll share that another time.

Boudoir Photography Studio

Having a boudoir photography studio in my house, makes it easier for me to see clients. No more working around hotel room checkin/outs. No trying to coordinate limited time slots at rented photo studios.

Everything is here. All the looks, all the spreads, all the backdrops and stylings. If a client wants a specific backdrop, no problem. A different color faux fur blanket to contrast a lingerie choice. Done!

I absolutely love having this new boudoir studio, and intend to keep making updates.

Some people think of boudoir photography as a one time thing. But in reality, I photograph some clients every year. In some cases, more than once a year!

When you want to shoot again, it makes sense for me to have options so you aren’t in the same setting over and over.

If you are within a 50 mile radius of Westminster, Maryland, I hope you will consider coming to the studio for your boudoir shoot.

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