People see sensual boudoir photos and think about beauty and romance. The truth is, these photoshoots are a lot of fun and there are plenty of laughs. At least in my studio! Still, there are some horrible boudoir looks you don’t want in your photo album!

I’d like to say up front the image in this post was approved by the client. She even shared this image on her social media story on Instagram! Take a look and I’ll explain how this shot was captured below.

horrible boudoir looks

We were having a lot of fun at this beautiful woman’s photoshoot! She looked amazing and the shutter was clicking. I told her – “Your man just walked in the door, give him that special look that says you are glad he is home …”

I think I need to be a bit more specific in the future.

Ordinarily I wouldn’t even edit this photo. It would never see the light of day.

But we laughed so hard about this that she wanted a copy! I was floored when she shared it on-line – and then told me to go ahead and do the same!

That shows a level of confidence that amazes me. So many people strive to present the “perfect” look, yet her perfection is in being herself – which makes her special.

While it doesn’t quite make my boudoir portfolio, it definitely makes my list of “Horrible Boudoir Looks”. No to the boudoir album, but definitely good for a few laughs.

And laughter is good for the soul.

Plus it reduces the nerves when posing at your boudoir session.

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