Looking for a little sexy photography to spice up your life? Then you are in the right place – especially if you are near Westminster, MD.

There is actually a term for sexy photography. It is called boudoir.

Boudoir photography focuses on the intimate nature of an everyday woman. Boudoir doesn’t feature fashion models, instead we have the mom, wife or lover. Women from almost every walk of life have been in front of a boudoir photographer.

Using natural light, it offers the photo’s viewer a glimpse into a very private world. Boudoir features everything from clothed women to nude photographs. Sometimes fetishes are even incorporated.

It is important to point out – the level of “spice” is always up to the client!

My studio is a judgement free zone. Clients can be themselves and it is my job to help them catch amazing images of just that! All shoots, sexy photographs and information remain private for each client. The boudoir studio is a place you can be yourself without fear.

sexy photography

Why do women get boudoir photos? The reasons are many. Some want sexy photos for their husbands or significant other.

Bridal boudoir is popular too. It allows the bride to present her husband a very special gift on their wedding day.

Some of my clients are celebrating milestones, the achievement of a goal or overcoming a setback. In these cases, the photographs are for themselves. Boudoir has a very empowering nature that gives a woman back her confidence.

Although I don’t show it on the site, there is also couples boudoir. In this case, the couple wants some sexy photographs to celebrate their love. Remember that sexy isn’t always about sex. Couples boudoir is more about intimacy between mates.

If you are looking to get some sexy photographs of yourself or you and a mate – start the conversation by filling out the form below. I’ll text to arrange a free pre-session planning call to see if I can be of service.

I look forward to talking with you!