You want to have some pictures taken and they need to look good. Posing the subject properly is one essential key to success. And that is the #1 question everyone is dying to know the answer to: Can you tell me how to pose like a pro model?

Here are a few simple rules anyone can follow to make their body type look good. No matter your weight, height or shape. Try these tips to pose like a pro the next time someone points a camera your way!

Position of hips helps thin the body, leaving curves.

The Clock

Think of your space as the face of a clock. The photographer or camera is at 12:00. You’ll want to create angles to get the best look. Angle your hips. Place one at 1:00 and the other at 7:00. Easy, huh? But it really makes a difference!

Shifting Your Weight

Anything close to the camera looks bigger. Putting your weight on your back leg is an easy way to slim down. Bend your front knee, to create more of a curve to your pose!

How To Pose Your Arms

Wondering where your arms should go? Try this: place your arm that’s closest to the camera on your hip, then go up 2 inches. This creates angles and separation so your arm doesn’t make your body look larger.

One thing you don’t want to do is allow you arms to hang against your body. That flattens out them and the skin will bulge out. If your arms are down, hold the upper arm slightly away from your body.

Posing Your Head

A great smile is captivating, but before we get to your look, understand that the position of your head can make or break a photo.

If you are positioned looking at the camera, move your face towards the camera, pull your chin forward like a turtle, and then down slightly. The camera takes 2-D images, so while it feels weird, the stretch elongates your neck, and the downward tilt defines your chin.

If you are posing with your head turned to the side, you will want to hold your head in a more natural position. Raise your head upward, and turn your face up slightly. This will stretch your neck out to create a slimming appearance.

Another tip for people worried about double chins, hold your tongue against the roof of your mouth. It helps tone the neck muscles and while it may not do away with the double chin, it will help reduce it.

How to pose like a model
Relax your shoulders

Relax your Shoulders

Try and relax your shoulders down. Most women hold tension in their shoulders, and you can tell that in the picture. So let those shoulders down.

Remember: When you hold your arms beside your body, you increase your body by two full arms. No one wants that. So hands on hips ladies! Hands on hips!

I hope this tutorial helped. If you want more tips on how to pose like a pro model and how to take full body selfies, click here.

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