During July I had an outdoor boudoir shoot. Outdoor boudoir, kind of an oxymoron isn’t it? Especially since the traditional term boudoir stood for a woman’s private chambers. And outdoor is completely the opposite of private, or chambers. It was really more of an outdoor glamour photography style shoot. When shooting outdoor boudoir, I insist on it being a private location away from other people.
Outdoor Boudoir Photo Shoot

This is for the safety of everyone involved, the model and me. I don’t want to have a child stumbling across a barely dressed woman in the wild. Nor do I want some imbecile who thinks they can take advantage of the situation. And the last thing I want is to end up in jail with my model!

Because this shoot was at a Maryland public park, there were several considerations. First, no major equipment. It would be me, my camera, a couple of lenses in my backpack and the model.

We’d also have bug and tick spray, no desire to end up with the perfect shot AND lyme disease!

Also – there would be no nudity.

outdoor portrait photography

Glamour photography focuses on the beauty and charm of the model. We usually see it in the style of the old Hollywood Pinups. More of a portrait session than full body, but the lines have blurred.

Maybe we should just call this an outdoor model shoot. Because that way I am not locked into any constraints.

My model for this shoot was Natalie Rose Kirkman. We met up at the park and found a few prime locations to shoot. Because I was dealing with a painful sciatica attack, I wasn’t as nimble as usual.

Outdoor Boudoir or Glamour Photography?

If you have considered an outdoor boudoir shoot, an in-studio shoot or even a glamour shoot, let’s talk about getting you in front of my lens. Contact me now to get started!

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