I am proud to say that I am a Professional Photographers of America member. Why?

Today anyone can say they are a photographer. And it is true. The camera on my cellphone may not match the quality of my professional gear, but it is damn good.

I remember my old Olympus digital camera. At the time, digital cameras were new and the thing cost over $1,000. It took great pics, for its time. Looking back now, the resolution was low and the lens wasn’t that great.

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When I got my first cellphone with a camera, I thought, what a waste of money. Not because the camera was bad, I just didn’t see a use for it on my phone.

At that time, I wanted a phone to talk to people, not take pictures. Now I’d rather use my phone to take pictures than deal with all the robo sales calls.*

With each generation, cell phone cameras have gotten better. People using the cameras have gotten better. So some people wonder why they would ever need to hire a photographer.

Member Of The Professional Photographers Of America

That is why being a Professional Photographers of America member holds so much meaning to me.

It says I care enough about the art of photography to invest in my passion. The Professional Photographers of America have educational and inspirational materials available to members. This allows me to learn and grow with the help of the best in the business.

Yes, I’m still learning. Just like a doctor practices medicine, I practice photography. You never want to stop learning and improving to stay at the top of your game.

This way, when my clients get in front of my camera, they know I have the knowledge and ability to make their images keepsake treasures. Which makes your investment in a professional photographer a true investment, not a fee.

Another part of being a Professional Photographers of America member is the insurance. Everyone should understand the importance of keeping their work environment safe. Things can still happen.

Through PPA, I am insured for accidents in the studio or on location. Which is another reason to hire a professional photographer.

With high quality images and artistic composition, to business knowledge and insurance to protect you, a professional photographer is the solution when you want something done right.

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For boudoir photography, I believe it is even more important. A professional boudoir photographer is one you can trust.

Putting yourself in a vulnerable situation with some guy or girl with a camera can potentially lead to problems. Either on the shoot, or down the road with your images not being properly handled.

It makes sense to go with the pros!

* – I get so many sales and robocalls that I no longer answer my phone. Unknown numbers get forwarded to voicemail. If you call, please leave a brief message so I know you are real! I will then return your call ASAP! Thanks!

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