The Model Experience

Portrait photography is an important part of many photographers’ businesses. Selfies don’t cut it for websites or business profiles. If you are serious about your image, a professional portrait is a must.

Makeup Artist Professional Portrait

As a boudoir photographer, I specialize in intimate portraits.

This gives me an edge when offering portrait photography for professionals.


In boudoir, I am usually working with women who are unsure of themselves. They have concerns and preconceived issues that make them nervous in front of the camera.

My skill is more than just taking a photograph.

Yes, I’ve got to be concerned with lighting, focus, composition, posing and backgrounds. But there is more than that to creating professional portraits. In boudoir, the subject must always be the main concern.

Their comfort, their pose, their look, all go into creating the images they are going to love. I work to go beyond the look and capture their soul, the spirit that makes them special and unique.

This ability to capture the subject’s inner beauty translates into spectacular portrait photographs.

For me, rewarding portrait photography is more than a simple photoshoot.

That is why I offer the model experience.

traditional portrait photography in front of a backdrop

Going to a photography studio and sitting in front of a backdrop is a traditional style of portrait. While that service is available at my Westminster, Maryland studio, I say:

Let’s take your next portrait session to the next level.

Your portrait photographs should reflect you as a person. You are your own personal brand, so celebrate you!

Let’s consider the backdrop. Are you active? If so, maybe your portrait should be against an outdoor setting. Think on the water, in front of a waterfall, against a backdrop of foliage, or mountains.

Indoors, perhaps holding a book, working at the computer, in your lobby, office or boardroom, or even in frame with your business signage.

You are the focus.

Outdoor Portraits

Artistically blurred backgrounds create framing to draw attention, allowing you to stand out.

Professional portrait photography should be more than snap a couple of photos and see which you like best.

Plan your portraits like any business decision.

For the model experience, on location, we’ll bring in a makeup artist to make sure you look your best. Male or female, this added touch will enhance your natural look and help your portrait stand out. We’ll add in some of your favorite music, this photoshoot is going to be fun!

Be treated like the star you are.

portrait photography in Maryland

Our two person team will make sure every aspect of the portrait session is perfect. You’ll look your best while get professional posing cues. We’ll shoot you against multiple backgrounds from plenty of angles. You’ll get so much more than the standard headshot.

The best part, you end up with amazing portrait photos you are proud to own. Plus, the raves on your new “look” will exceed your expectations!

If you are in need of portrait photography for your LinkedIn profile, website or business materials, contact us today for a free consultation!