Today, I want to share with you 2 ways boudoir photography can help you. 

Hi, I’m Thomas Crowl, I’m a boudoir photographer with a studio based in Westminster, Maryland, and I travel around the East Coast doing shoots for clients. 

2 Ways Boudoir Photography Can Help You

When women reach out to me to be photographed, one of the biggest concerns they have is are they going to be good enough? Are they going to look good enough? 

Everyone has body image issues. We look in the mirror and we find things wrong with ourselves. It’s just something I think everybody does and they’re not sure if they can look as good as the women in my photographs.

Every woman that gets in front of my lens feels that way, whether it’s a model, a corporate executive, a nurse, a teacher or whatever profession. Whatever walk of life they come from, everybody is not sure if they’re good enough. 

So you’re not alone. 

My job is to find the angles, the poses and the looks that are going to make you look amazing. And the first time you see one of the images on the back of my camera after I take a picture and show it to you, you’re going to realize that, hey, you are an amazing lady and you’re going to rock the shoot. 

I know you can be nervous coming in, but when you walk out of here, the number one benefit you’re going to have is a newfound confidence in yourself. It’s incredible to watch women come into the studio nervous, and when they leave, they feel like a million dollars. 

Another way I can help you is to develop a personalized custom gift for you to give to someone you love. We can create a special gift that only you can give to that person. It’s not something they can walk into a store and pick up. 

It’s a boudoir album about you and based around your personality and your relationship. I work with you to make sure that it’s as personalized as possible. 

So have you been thinking about a boudoir experience and you’re just not sure? All you have to do is fill out our contact form:

I’ll reach out and we will set up a phone appointment and talk. I can answer your questions. I can put your mind at ease. And if we gel, if everything works out right and you’d like to continue, we can set up an appointment for you to have an incredible boudoir photoshoot experience. 

Thanks for taking the time to watch this video and I’ll hope to hear from you soon.