Boots and boudoir create photos with attitude!


Ready to celebrate yourself? If you are a boot wearing gal, then why not incorporates boots into your boudoir session?

I’m often asked:


“What kind of shoes should you wear for boudoir photos?” 


“Do women wear shoes for the boudoir photo shoots?”

boots and boudoir attitude

The answer to both of these questions is as unique as you are. Some women do wear shoes or boots for boudoir, others go barefoot. It is up to you and what makes you feel sexy.

I’ve taken boudoir photos of women wearing cowboy boots, thigh-high leather or vinyl boots, work boots and combat boots. Others wear high heels, slippers, ballet shoes, or will go barefoot.

boots and boudoir image
boots and boudoir levitation photo
thigh high black boots
boots and boudoir chair shot

The goal of my studio is to showcase you and your unique style. So if you are a boot loving or high heeled woman, then wear what you love. A boudoir session is all about empowering you to see yourself confidently.

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