Your boudoir session is getting closer! I’m thrilled you are coming to the studio, your photoshoot is going to be a lot of fun. You are probably wondering how to get ready for your boudoir session.

In this article I’ll be sharing 5 tips to help you get ready. These may be things you didn’t think about, but they are things I have learned from being one of Maryland’s top boudoir photographers.

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5 Tips To Get You Ready For Your Boudoir Session


1. Bring Heels

Wearing heels creates the illusion of longer legs. The arch of the heel tightens the leg muscles giving you more definition in your calves and thighs. They look sexy in photos and you’ll be glad you brought them!

high heels create the illusion of longer legs

2. Avoid Spray Tans!

I get it, you may feel pale and think you look better with a tan. I highly advise against it, because I have seen spray tans go wrong. I’ve seen blotching, streaks, pale hands and Oompa Loompa orange come into the studio.

If you are determined to get one, do it a few days before and rinse off before coming to the studio. If you have never had a spray tan, be careful, because if you don’t like the results you won’t like your boudoir photos.

3. Get A Mani/Pedi

I’ve had women who wanted to hide their hands and wear shoes or socks to hide their nails. Treating yourself to a manicure and pedicure before the shoot is relaxing. Even if you don’t wear color polish, your nails will look neat and your skin will look better.

boudoir outfit guide image

4. Drink Lots Of Water Leading Up To The Photoshoot

Most people don’t drink enough water. By drinking more water leading up to your shoot you can:

  • reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles
  • reduce acne
  • make skin pores smaller and
  • hydrate your skin so it isn’t dry.

5. Light Stretching

In boudoir posing, we use arching to accent your curves. I recommend a week before your shoot (and definitely that morning) you do some light stretching of your body, arms & legs. This way you will feel more flexible and warmed up before the shoot.

Follow these 5 tips and you will be ready for your boudoir session come shoot day!

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