If you are looking for a boudoir photographer, chances are you go from website to website searching for:

  • Images you like …
  • Images that inspire you, and
  • beautiful boudoir photography

Different photographers have different styles and is important to find someone who’s work you love. After all, your photos will end up in a similar style when you hire that photographer.

But many boudoir images seem to be cookie-cutter. Almost a” let’s put you in this position – snap – next client – same position.

boudoir light painting

Creative boudoir photographers tend to think outside the standard when it comes to looks, posing, angles and lighting.

I prefer to try creative things, knowing that each style won’t be right for every client. Still, by experimenting with different techniques, I am able to offer something different if a client desires it.

One technique I have been playing with is boudoir light painting.


What is boudoir light painting?

boudoir light painting
boudoir light painting
The camera is set with a very slow exposure in a darkened room. The settings are such that the camera only sees black and no ambient light shows in the photo. Using a light, in this case an LED rail light, it is moved through the frame when the shutter is snapped. Because the light moves, only the light trail is visible in the photo. (As is anything the light shines on.) I’ve also experimented with different colors and laser painting. Again, a slow exposure and the light is moved around the client.
laser light painting
Each image is unique, some are beautiful and some, well, you try again. It creates a very interesting look that would be at home in a gallery setting – and look great on the wall of your bedroom or den! If you’d be interested in learning more about the types of boudoir we offer, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’ll work with you to create your dream shoot and images you will cherish for a lifetime.

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