I’m often asked about curvy boudoir sessions. Women see the boudoir pics on my website and assume that maybe I only shoot thinner ladies. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Some photographers advertise they shoot plus-size boudoir or “big-girl boudoir” but I don’t. Why? Because I don’t believe in segmenting any part of the population.

Curvy, voluptuous, plus-sized and big girls are a statement of weight, size and shape. I believe:

All women, regardless of size, weight,
shape, age or ethnicity deserve to
feel good about themselves.

A curvy boudoir celebration

I don’t mind calling it curvy boudoir because everyone has curves. Curves flow, they catch light and shadow, they can be highlighted and diminished. Curvy bodies are absolutely beautiful.

Never be ashamed of curves!

Society tells us we should look a certain way, but everyone is unique. Someone who is heavier may be in perfect health and someone who is thin may not.

I love the saying:

“If someone tells you that you need to lose weight – they are the weight you need to lose.”

That isn’t an excuse to be unhealthy, we should all take care of ourselves. Health is important to feeling good about yourself. But every body is unique. Others shouldn’t add pressure to your self-confidence, body image or self-esteem.

Voluptuous Vixens:

curvy boudoir
curvy boudoir
curvy boudoir photoshoot
curvy photoshoot
voluptuous boudoir
curvy beauty

All images shared with
written permission of clients.

Don’t miss out

Curvy boudoir is something every woman should try! It helps them to see their natural beauty in a different way. A rediscovery of themselves if you will.

In a body positive, no-judgement zone, you are able to celebrate what makes you unique. It is a wonderful step toward self-love that increases your confidence too.

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