Why are you having a boudoir photoshoot? Self-love? Body positivity? Confidence building? To celebrate yourself? Maybe as a gift for your significant other? Your reason will have an impact as you decide how to display boudoir photos in your home or print them as a gift.

Many of my clients who have photoshoots to create gifts for their fiancé or spouse tell me:

“The gift for my husband turned out to be a even bigger gift to myself! The gift of self confidence!” – Mrs. C.

When you have an empowering session and photos that make you feel beautiful, sexy and confident, why hide them away? It isn’t conceited to feel positive when looking at your photos. That is why it makes sense to display boudoir photos in a way that continues to empower you.

Some clients become so focused on the experience, they don’t think about the photos. When they get to their reveal and ordering session, they aren’t sure what they will do with or how they will display their photos. And that is why I’ve put together this list of popular items at my Maryland boudoir studio.


Ideas On How To Display Boudoir Photos

1. Luxury Boudoir Albums

luxury boudoir albums

The most popular item at our studio is our line of luxury boudoir albums. The albums are combined of the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. They are the finest way to showcase your beauty as art.

Each handcrafted luxury album features true photographic printing on archival quality paper. They have a no-gutter, lay flat binding to create gorgeous panoramic spreads.

We offer several different sizes of albums, and your choice of stunning covers. You can select from linen, vegan leather, velvet and premium rawhide in a variety of looks and styles. We have samples at the studio, so you can see, feel and design your album just the way you want.

Your cover can be embossed, engraved or you may opt for a gorgeous acrylic cover. We can even guild your pages to create a truly stunning album as unique as you are!


2. Boudoir Wall Art

It can seem kind of intimidating to think of hanging your boudoir pictures in your home. If that is your mindset, I again encourage you to think about why you had your photoshoot.

Seeing yourself as beautiful, sexy and confident each day when you look at the art, can create a profound impact on your life. It becomes a constant reminder of who you are and what you can achieve.

Keep in mind your wall art doesn’t have to be revealing. Ask your photographer to take some portrait shots too. That way even if you are worried someone may see it, a portrait won’t reveal your secrets.

At my studio, I also shoot bodyscape photos of the female form. These make great gallery images that have a high end artistic feel. No one would know it is you, unless you tell them!

My studio offers several types and options of wall art:


Luxury Aluminum Prints

Our quality aluminum prints are absolutely gorgeous. Your photo is printed directly on an aluminum plate using a sublimation process. This provides incredibly vibrant colors with rich, deep blacks. The stunning high gloss finish makes these prints luminescent, creating a stand out piece that draws the eye.

Your print is then mounted on a white backing board. The matted white of the board accentuates the colors even more. Easy to hang, our luxury aluminum prints are the highest quality available.

These come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. Be sure to check out the samples at my studio.

Canvas Prints – Gallery Wrapped Or Framed

Printed on the highest quality, museum grade materials, our canvas prints are light, durable and resistant to fading.

The gallery wrapped canvases offer several options for completing the edges. Image blur extends your image around the sides of the canvas to create a beautiful look. You also have the option for a white or black edge to the canvas.

Framed canvases are my favorite option, and I have plenty of them at the studio. The frames come in black, white and walnut. Different frames are available for an extra charge.

boudoir outfit guide image

Where To Display Boudoir Photos In Your Home


The next thing clients ask when considering boudoir wall art is, where could I hang it?

Boudoir Photos In The Bedroom

Many clients hang their wall art in the bedroom. It reminds you each morning and evening how special you are. It reminds your partner how lucky they are to have you in their life.

The master bedroom is usually pretty private and you can control who has access. One client was still nervous so she hung her artwork on the back of the door. That way, no one else could see it!

In The Master Bathroom

Another place you can control access to is the master bath. Our prints look amazing hanging over the tub. Or hang it across from the mirror so you can gaze at the reflection every morning and night!

In The Closet Or Changing Room

You don’t have to have a changing room, but if you do, this is an ideal place to display boudoir wall art. Some clients have told me their art hangs in their closet. It is a bit more private location and they still get to look at it every day!

The Man Cave

Does your partner have a den or “man cave”? If so, having your photo hanging on his wall would be an incredible gift to remind himself how lucky he is to have you in his life.

The Living Room

Portraits are great for hanging in the living room. You put up family photos, the kids’ photos, why not one of you looking spectacular?


3. The Folio Box

Folio Box To Display Boudoir Photos

The folio box is new at my studio and has quickly become a favorite. Your images are beautifully printed on archival stock and matted. The matted prints come in a folio box to store them safely. You can leave the prints single or frame some of them to display on your bedroom side table, dresser or elsewhere around your home.


4. The Secret App

The secret phone app is also a popular choice as an add on. This allows you to place an app on your phone to look at your photos anytime you want. The best part, they aren’t in your phone’s album, so there is no chance of accidentally swiping across one if showing anyone other pics!

If your partner travels, they can have the app on their phone too, and see you whenever they get lonely.


5. Digitals

As a photographer, when someone tells me they just want some digitals, it kind of hurts.

I go the extra mile to create art featuring you. The images are edited into magazine quality photographs. They deserve to be seen, by you, as often as possible. They are a reminder of your experience, your daring, your beauty and how incredible you are.

Digital files get lost, corrupted, or relegated to a hard drive and not seen as often.

Some clients plan to get the photos printed by Walmart, Snapfish or Walgreens. Unfortunately, not every company has properly calibrated professional printers. I edit for a professional lab, your colors may vary when you go to a bargain print lab. Plus, do you have any idea who will see, or possibly get copies made of your photos?

Privacy and security are just two of the reasons your photographer should provide your printed products. You’ll also get better quality and be supporting a local small business.

My studio provides digital files of printed photos with some of our packages. Digitals are a great way to share, but heirloom quality printed images are worth the investment to get the most from your boudoir experience.

If you have any questions on how to display boudoir photos or other product options, please reach out to my studio. I’d be happy to answer your questions, and if I may be of service, just let me know!

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