Boudoir fashion photography is in vogue …


Boudoir fashion photography is an advertising fusion of two genres of photography. Fashion photography focuses on the garment, using the model to display the clothing. Boudoir photography focuses on the subject, not the outfit.

Examples of boudoir fashion photos

Some lingerie brands to use boudoir style fashion photography to draw attention to their products. If you’ve seen a Victoria’s Secret or Agent Provocateur ad, you’ve seen examples of it.

Magazines like Playboy, combined with liberation in the 60’s and 70’s, made showing skin more acceptable to the public. This trend allowed lingerie brands to concentrate on their fashion’s style.

Boudoir Fashion style photography
boudoir style fashion photo

Bringing boudoir style fashion photography to you

Boudoir photos are more than just pretty pictures of women in lingerie. It is an investment in you. The photoshoot provides clients the chance to feel good about how they look. This is done in a safe, supportive, no-judgement setting. Sessions are a fun, empowering and life changing experience.

Boudoir clients aren’t professional models. They are moms, grandmothers, students, teachers, nurses, doctors, artists, waitresses, chefs, business owners and women from all walks of life. They are your sisters, mothers, friends, colleagues and neighbors. Everyday women who took a chance to be beautiful and feel better about themselves.

fashion boudoir for the everyday woman

Boudoir is for EVERY BODY

Age and weight are numbers. It doesn’t matter your body shape or ethnicity, all women deserve to feel beautiful. If you are your own worst critic, self-love starts here. Contact my studio today and discuss having your own boudoir fashion photography session.

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boudoir fashion
boudoir fashion photography in Maryland
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