Looking for a risqué photo shoot? A boudoir session can be as tame or risqué as you like. They are photoshoots designed to celebrate you and your unique beauty, so you call the shots.

For some women, the thought of taking their clothes off and posing for pictures fills them with panic. You don’t need to be naked to be sexy. There are plenty of women who have boudoir shoots completely clothed.

If you lack body confidence, boudoir is the perfect step toward body positivity. During the course of the photo shoot, you will transform from a bundle of nerves into a confident woman.

boudoir is about feeling sexy, and you don't have to be naked to be sexy

Other women find the experience of posing in lingerie or completely nude liberating and exciting. They appreciate their body, no matter what size or shape.


There are several styles of risqué photo shoots.

The definition of risqué is: verging on impropriety or indecency

An implied nudity photoshoot is probably closest to that description. You can be nude, or wearing very little but appear to be nude. The photos are taken in such a way that nothing actually shows. Leaving something to the imagination is very intriguing to men. These images are very popular in boudoir albums.

implied nudity risque photo shoot

Implied nude boudoir by Thomas Crowl

Implied nude boudoir by Thomas Crowl

implied nudity

Implied nude boudoir by Thomas Crowl

Artistic nude photoshoot take the sexual aspect out of the equation to showcase the human form as art. At my studio, clients often select these types of boudoir photos  for wall art.

artistic boudoir bodyscape

Artistic nude boudoir bodyscape by Thomas Crowl

artistic nude bodyscape photo

Artistic nude boudoir bodyscape by Thomas Crowl

artistic nude

Artistic nude boudoir portrait by Thomas Crowl

Erotic photoshoots are more explicit and sexual in nature. These shoots may feature fetishes, provocative poses and some even feature solo play.

risqué nude boudoir - censored for web

Risqué nude boudoir by Thomas Crowl

risqué nude boudoir

Risqué nude boudoir by Thomas Crowl

risqué erotic boudoir photo censored

Risqué erotic nude boudoir by Thomas Crowl

Some photographers will not shoot these types of photos. If this is the type of risqué photo shoot you want, be upfront about it before you schedule. That will help you avoid an awkward end to your photo shoot.

At my Westminster Maryland boudoir studio, it is a no-judgement zone. My goal is to help women rediscover their inner vixen no matter how tame or wild she may be. We want you to have a positive, empowering session that leaves you feeling confident and energized.

If you have any questions or are interested in the possibility of a photoshoot, please reach out!

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