Today I am digging back into my archives to share some of the sexiest boudoir photos I’ve shot in the last few years. Why? Because boudoir photography is much more than sexy photos. Boudoir is about helping clients feel confident and sexy again.

I’m going to be sharing images where my clients came to the studio less than sure if they would look as good as other women in my portfolio. I think you’ll see that they worried for no reason. Their photoshoots turned out amazing, and yours can too.

Boudoir Fashion style photography

Sexy boudoir styles

The photos will let you see how I light, how I compose my shots, angles I shoot and some of my locations, including my Westminster Maryland boudoir studio. You’ll see sets, props, poses and get boudoir outfit ideas from seeing what other clients wore for their sessions.

These sexy boudoir pics feature different styles: fine art nudes, glamour, traditional boudoir, lingerie, erotica, light & airy, low key, romantic and bodyscapes. You may even recognize instances where these styles overlap to create an even sexier look.

boudoir outfit idea
Dramatic Boudoir Lighting
booty shot

Get up • Dress up • Show up

Sexy means different things to different people. To some, sexy is a confident feeling and looking good in what you wear. To others, sexy may be the Victoria’s Secret style of lingerie modeling. Then there are those who think of erotica as sexy.

Fine Art Nude Body Scape
risqué erotic boudoir photo censored
Holiday Boudoir In Maryland
Boudoir that tells a story
Frederick Md Boudoir Portrait

Rediscover your sexiest self

My studio is a no-judgement zone, giving you a private space and supportive atmosphere to express your style of sexy. My goal is to help every client feel beautiful and sexy, regardless of age, physique, weight or ethnicity. You are a Goddess and deserve to feel your power and see yourself the way the rest of the world does – as a vibrant, beautiful woman.

Boudoir Photographer Reviews
lingerie photography
Best Baltimore Boudoir Photographer

I love helping women rediscover their awesome and believe boudoir photography is an important step toward empowering my clients.

If you are looking for the sexiest boudoir photos you’ll ever have taken, reach out to my studio to learn more about setting up your own sexy boudoir shoot!


– Lao Tzu

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