Today I am sharing a guide to boudoir styles for your photoshoot. No matter your age, weight, shape, or ethnicity, boudoir is for every body. Capturing your natural beauty in intimate portraiture means stylizing your experience to be as unique as you are. So let’s go over the styles of boudoir photography that may help you narrow down how you envision your session.

Styles of boudoir photography:

Traditional Boudoir

Traditional style boudoir has the client in sensual poses, which display femininity but are not erotica. These are generally taken in a bedroom setting with the client dressed in lingerie or nude.

Boudoir Selfies with phone camera

Glamour or Elegant Boudoir

The glamour/elegant style of boudoir tends to focus more on what the client is wearing, or not. This style is used in a lot of lingerie advertising. The boudoir photographer may use natural lighting or opt for LED’s or strobes to get the look they want to capture.

Vintage Boudoir

The vintage boudoir style has several possible genre’s of its’ own. You may choose a vintage look like a roaring 20’s Great Gatsby look. The 1950’s & 60’s film divas or the popular pin up girl style.

These rely on costuming, props and sets to design the vintage look you are trying to create.

Playful Boudoir

Fun and flirty describes the playful boudoir style. This type of shoot can be a ton of fun and really allow the client to express her personality. Where most boudoir photography styles are serious, this one is all about laughs, smiles and the eyes!

Maryland Boudoir Photo - Client Smiling

Dramatic Boudoir

Heading to the opposite end of the spectrum, dramatic boudoir captures you through pose and expressions. It can take place anywhere and be customized to any idea or feeling you want.

One great example of dramatic boudoir is the horror boudoir genre. This has become popular with some women who are or have partners into the horror movie scene. The photos are almost like screen shots or posters from the blood and guts movies.

Fine Art Nude Boudoir

The fine art nude boudoir style is like something you would hang in a museum or gallery. With use of lighting, color, focus and angles, these images celebrate the female form. To learn more about fine art nude boudoir click here.

There are nuances to each of these styles of boudoir photography that allow your photographer to cater them to suit you. By understanding these styles, it will help you better communicate your desires to your photographer. For a great boudoir experience, communication and trust are paramount.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the studio to talk.


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