The word adult has several meanings when you combine it with the word photographer. Are you a photographer who photographs adults instead of children? Or are you an “adult photographer”?

The answer is yes to both. I only photograph adult women specifically. And I photograph boudoir and adult genres.

Some people think of boudoir as adult photography. While it can be exotic and sensual, featuring women clothed to nude, I don’t consider it the same as other adult genres like erotica.

Boudoir is about helping women rediscover their beauty and self-confidence. It isn’t created to be shared publicly. Usually boudoir is shared between a client and possibly a partner or some friends. Some women do provide their boudoir photographer to share images to inspire other women to experience the benefits of boudoir. But it wasn’t created for that reason.

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Erotica is more about stimulating the viewer of the image and is usually distributed on a wider scale. Although completely different than boudoir, it still utilizes the female form, just in a very different way.
It is important to say that clients are always in charge of their photoshoot. I never expect a woman to go beyond her own limits. What she decides to during the shoot is fine with me, I just want her to be comfortable and be herself. No clients are ever judged for their preferences. Want to stay in a sweater and jeans? No problem, if you feel sexy that way, it will show in your photos. Want to wear less? That is your choice too.

The “adult photographer” of yesterday was usually producing fine art nudes or pornography. (And sometimes the lines were blurred or distorted in an attempt not to be censored.) Today’s adult photographer is usually filling the request of their female client, be it model, mom or girl next door.

Today’s photographer of adults may not photograph boudoir or erotica at all. They could be a portrait artist, business or model headshot specialist, wedding photographer and the list can go on. If you are looking for an adult photographer of boudoir and sensual imagery in the Maryland, lower Pennsylvania, Washington DC or Northern Virginia area, reach out! I’d be happy to discuss your project, answer your questions and see if I can be of help.

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