There are a lot of bad photographer jokes, but not so many boudoir photography jokes. So for something different on the blog, here are a combination of the two that I hope will give you a smile!


As the photographer snapped photos, the woman gave sultry poses, slipped down a shoulder strap, took off her top and even grabbed her crotch. She felt sensual and free, feeling one with her body.

Then the photographer said, “Now go stand in the police lineup and you’ll be done.”


The Wedding Night:

On her wedding night, the new bride gave her husband a boudoir album. “My God,” he exclaimed, “you are so beautiful! I will cherish these pictures forever!”

He disrobed and hopped into bed eager to consummate the marriage when his new wife said: “I want you to get some boudoir photos of you for me!”

He smiles and says, “So you can cherish me forever?” She replied, “No, so I can get it enlarged!”

Why didn’t the woman get boudoir photos taken? She couldn’t picture herself doing the shoot.



After doing her outdoor boudoir shoot in a wheat field, the client didn’t like her photos because they were too grainy.



Snow White did a boudoir shoot and kept calling her photographer every day to see if the photos were ready. He told her, “Don’t worry, some day your prints will come.”

Boudoir Selfies with phone camera

Since I have three rescue cats, here is a cat photographer joke:

What do you call photos taken by a cat? Paw-traits.


And finally, something that is funny for all the wrong reasons:


Get your kids interested in photography and they will never have enough money to buy drugs.


And with that, I’ll stop, because they only get worse.

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