Shower boudoir photos – fun & different

Boudoir photography has morphed from the old concept of a “woman in lingerie lying on a bed.” Today, sessions are more about helping the client look and feel how she wants to envision herself. That allows a wider range of sexy concepts, and one of those is shower boudoir.

The wet look is sexy

In 1963, actress Ursula Andress emerged from the water wearing a skimpy bikini in the hit movie Dr. No. It became a memorable (pardon the pun) watershed moment.

Wet T-shirt contests first appeared in the U.S.A. in the early 70’s although they have been popular for longer than that. These became popular contests at bars and beach parties. Films like The Deep, Tarzan The Ape Man and even 2002’s Spider-Man also had famous wet t-shirt scenes.

shower boudoir
shower boudoir photo
shower boudoir images

Why shower boudoir?

Love the ocean? Relaxed by the sound of falling water? Or maybe you are a water sign – Aquarius or Pisces. Shower boudoir can be the perfect way to end your boudoir session.

This isn’t your standard ‘I’m taking a shower either!’ It’s a sexy re-enactment of the perfect shower scene with lighting and posing to create memorable moments of your own.

You can be creative with boudoir outfits, or be nude. Soap bubbles and water streaming across your body can hide or highlight your features. It’s creative and intimate water play.

shower boudoir session

Booking a shower boudoir session

While my boudoir studio does not have a shower for sessions, I do have a list of hotels with luxury showers where your shoot can be held. We can also set up a faux shower scene at the studio if you want to create the look but stay dry.

To learn more about our boudoir shoots and services, reach out to my studio to discuss your ideas for the perfect session. It would be my pleasure to answer your questions and see if my team can create your dream photoshoot.

sexy shower photoshoot
sexy shower boudoir photo

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