Lingerie isn’t your everyday undergarments. So what is lingerie? What types of lingerie are available? And what styles of lingerie will look good on you? Finding flattering lingerie for your body type can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for. In this article I’ll discuss different body types and the lingerie that tends to look the best on each. When you look good, you feel good and that leads to confidence. So keep scrolling to get the answers you are looking for!
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What is lingerie?

Many define lingerie as women’s undergarments: bras, panties and sleepwear. From that definition, even the plainest cotton undergarments are considered lingerie.

In the early 1800’s undergarments made of lace, feathers, ruffles and silk became a popular status symbol. Women would splurge on fancy lingerie for their weddings and anniversaries.

As time marched forward, the design of lingerie improved and became more seductive. More and more women began wearing high quality lingerie because it made them feel more sexy and alive, even if no one else saw it.

Today, stunning lingerie is an indulgence that many women love to purchase. You no longer need a special reason to wear beautiful lingerie.

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How to choose lingerie for your body type …

It is no surprise that society has assigned body types to women. These types refer to the proportions of a woman’s shoulders, waist and hips, not height or weight. Knowing your body type can help you select lingerie that will look better on you.

The body types are classified as: pear, hourglass, inverted triangle, rectangle and round. So let’s discuss each one and the lingerie that will enhance the look for that body type.

pear body type

Pear-Shaped Body Type

The pear-shaped body type features bigger hips, thighs and booty, with a smaller chest and narrower shoulders.

How to choose lingerie for a pear-shaped body type

The most flattering look for a pear-shaped body enhances bust size while reducing the hips and bottom.

Try a push-up bra to create more shape to the bust area. A corset or bodysuit with a plunging neckline will also draw the eye upward. Another good look is a lacy teddy or bodysuit.

If you have a lengthy mid-section, a matching bra and panty set will also look great. High waisted panties or boy shorts can also add shape to your hips and bottom.

Hourglass Body Type

The hourglass figure body type has almost equally sized bust and hips and a narrower waist.

How to choose lingerie for an hourglass body type

You can flatter an hourglass shape can by accentuating the waist. It is important to select lingerie that will show off your curves.

Thongs and matching bra & panty sets look great on an hourglass figure. You can show off your curves with a plunging or balconette bra. High waisted briefs flatter bigger hips by emphasizing the narrower waist. High legged briefs also enhance this body type.

Try garter belts to highlight that waist. Also fitted chemises or teddies, bodysuits, and corsets that narrow at the waist can flatter your look.

how to find lingerie for different body types

Inverted Triangle Body Type

An inverted triangle body type has wider shoulders and upper body than waist and hips. I’ve also seen this described as the strawberry figure, which in a way fits because you are not a straight line!

How to choose lingerie for the inverted triangle body type

To flatter the inverted triangle shape, you will want lingerie that draws the eye down the body. Deep necklines and open back looks help with this. So does ruffled or lacy bottoms.

A bodysuit with that deep neckline creates a balanced look. A teddy or baby doll that is tight at the top and loose toward the bottom can balance body lines too.

You should also consider a classic negligee or kimono style robe to add to your look.

Rectangle Body Type

The rectangular body type has straighter body lines. Shoulders and hips are almost the same size as in the hourglass figure, but the waist is not tapered as much.

How to choose lingerie for the rectangle body type

To flatter the rectangle body type you’ll want to focus on defining the waist and lower half of your body. One way to do this is with fabrics like silk or satin that will hug your curves.
Defining the waistline with a romper, teddy or camisole, will flatter your shape. Corsets are another great choice as they bring in the waist and add curves to your form. And of course, you can always add a garter/suspender belt to shrink the waist.
For panties, try high cut hips that have straps that can sit higher on your waist. Pair briefs with a crop top to help enlarge your chest and balance your look.
Although I suggested defining your lower half, accentuating your chest can also flatter your form. Try push-up bras and bustier lingerie to see if it creates a look you love.
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round body type

Round Body Type

The round body type is also described as the apple body type, curvy body type, plus-size body type and oval body type.

Having a round body type does not mean you are overweight or plus-size. It means you are curvy with a less defined waist.

How to choose lingerie for the round body type

To flatter the round body type, you’ll want to elongate the body and
draw attention away from the waist area. A one-piece or bodysuit helps to do this and can act as shapewear to help control your curves.

Babydolls or negligees that have a V-cut neck also make the torso appear narrower and longer. Corsets and bustiers can help create the appearance of an hourglass body with beautiful curves. Detailed tops will flatter your bust and draw the eye too.

A chemise, gown or kimono will also look sexy while giving you coverage if you are the modest type.

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No matter what body type you are, remember that everyone is unique. You, as much as anyone else, deserve to be treated with the same respect love and kindness that you share with others. There is a quote that comes to mind here:

“You can’t hate yourself happy, You can’t criticize yourself thin, You can’t shame yourself wealthy. Real change begins with self-love and self care.”

– Jessica Ortner

Knowing your body type is an important part of knowing how to select the right lingerie to flatter your look. I hope you found this information helpful.
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