The goal of a boudoir session is to help the client feel desirable and confident. Many believe that boudoir photos are nude, racy or risqué, but that isn’t true. Tasteful boudoir photography is actually the norm at my studio.

I personalize every session for the client. They can choose if they want it to be sweet and innocent, provocative or erotic.

Clients can also choose the theme of their shoot. I’ve shot everything from burlesque style to steampunk and BDSM. Popular themes also include birthday, anniversary, Halloween and holiday shoots.


What is tasteful boudoir photography?

tasteful boudoir

While everyone has their own tastes, I define tasteful as romantic sensuality over sexuality. You don’t need to be nude to look and feel sexy. At the same time, being nude doesn’t need to have a sexual overtone.

If you look back at the masters who painted nudes, they were artists, not pornographers. Photography can have that same feel.


Why my boudoir studio?

tasteful boudoir
A large number of my clients come to me for four reasons.  
  • First, they like the look of my images.
  • Second, they like my style of playful and romantic shooting. My goal is to keep their images tasteful and not men’s magazine style.
  • Third, clients appreciate the fact I work with them to define their session goals. I learn what they like and collaborate with each one to achieve their desired look and feel.
  • Finally, I accept a limited number of clients each month so they get my full attention before, during and following the photoshoot.

 Why boudoir?

Boudoir photography sessions are very popular today. More and more women are becoming confident in their bodies, accepting and celebrating themselves. Some are on a body-positive or self-love journey and boudoir is an excellent step along that path.

No matter your age, shape, size, ethnicity or background, you don’t need to be a model to have tasteful boudoir photos.

Out of your comfort zone?

Don’t get derailed from your interest by fear. A boudoir photoshoot is freeing. It is about overcoming insecurities in a private, safe, supportive and non-judgmental setting. There is no need to worry about how you or society “thinks you are supposed to look.” It is about seeing yourself in a new light that will empower you to new heights.

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