The birthday boudoir photoshoot is a time honored tradition for some women.

While some feel a boudoir experience is a once in a lifetime thing, many of my clients return again and again. A boudoir birthday is the perfect way to mark each year.

The first time, clients are usually nervous at the start of the photoshoot. Maybe they have never been in front of a camera. (Especially in lingerie or in some cases, nude.) As the session progresses they become more comfortable and the results show in the images.

You may start a session nervous, but as the camera clicks and you start to see the results you will definitely have fun!

Returning for a second shoot is exciting. They already know what the experience is like. Chances are, they are still running high based on the boudoir photos they received at their first session.

So each time out, my clients feel more relaxed. They have more confidence in their body and ability to nail the shoot. It changes the game and the new images are even more incredible.

Plus, the milestone of turning another year older provides a time capsule for them to look back on.

On her second visit, Ms. M was so much more relaxed, knowing I’d work hard to capture her in photos she would love.

Like wine, confident women improve with age.

And if you aren’t a confident woman, try a boudoir photoshoot and you will be!

If you are reaching a milestone, or just want to celebrate in style, gift yourself a birthday boudoir photoshoot.

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