Ms. B was turning twenty six and wanted to have a birthday boudoir session. We connected through direct messages on Instagram and discussed her ideas.

Her style was to be dark and moody since she wasn’t in a celebratory mood this year. She was hoping the photos would bring a smile back to her face, and I’m proud to report that they did.

The photoshoot was also to create social media content leading up to and for her birthday. We scheduled the shoot a month and a half before her birthday because she wasn’t in need of prints. She wanted the images as digitals for her online use.

The day of her birthday boudoir photoshoot, Ms. B. showed up at my door with two huge black number balloons and a backpack full of outfits. We went through everything she brought and decided on a couple of her favorites.

birthday boudoir - Ms. B.
low key birthday boudoir

(left) Dramatic shot against a red backdrop. (Above) Low key birthday photo shot in darkened room with one flash to highlight the client.

In keeping with her dark and moody look, we started with some photos against my red backdrop. That always creates some striking images. Next we shot a few low key boudoir photos. I learned this style for bodyscapes, but love the effect when you pull back to see more of the client.

Convincing her to try some window poses, the images were brighter, but still conveyed a somber tone.

window boudoir pose
window boudoir

Anyone who has been to my boudoir studio knows the shoots are fun and I like to have people laughing. Ms. B started to lighten up pretty quickly and was really enjoying herself. I managed to get her to relax, have some fun and even smile in a few pics!

fun birthday boudoir session
birthday fun
We tried a number of poses with the balloons to get some images she liked. Her original idea was just to hold them, but for social media like Instagram, vertical shots work better. I came up with the idea of her holding the balloons against the headboard with her feet. Then we moved one forward to create a different look.
26th birthday photoshoot
boudoir session for 26th birthday
birthday boudoir pose 1
birthday boudoir pose
At the end of it all, Ms. B was thrilled with her birthday boudoir photos and enjoyed sharing them with her social followers. (And she celebrated her birthday with a new found confidence!)
birthday boudoir celebration
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