Bodyscape photography uses light striking parts of the human form to create images. Ranging from abstract imagery to full body lines, it becomes a style of artistic boudoir.

Due to its anonymous forms, bodyscapes are also one of the most popular types of wall art among my clients. Where some clients can’t imagine hanging their boudoir photos on the wall, the bodyscapes are art. Anyone seeing the photo would have no idea it is the client unless they tell them.

artistic boudoir bodyscape of legs
Traditionally, bodyscapes were created using nudity. They presented a high end artistic look. Not all of my clients are comfortable with nudity, so I also shoot them with clients wearing lingerie.
lingerie bodyscape detail shot

There are a couple of types of bodyscape photography. Most often bodyscapes are either high key, or low key. What does that mean? High key means lots of light, a bright background with light tones. Low key artistic bodyscapes are dark and moody with deep shadows.

At my boudoir studio, I shoot low key style, in either color or black and white.

artistic boudoir color
artistic boudoir black & white

A softbox flash with directed beam is set up to one side of the studio. The room is darkened and my camera settings are such that no ambient light pollutes the frame. This results in a completely black frame when I take a photo.

After showing my client how and where to pose, I turn the flash on and take a test shot to see the results. Slight adjustments to the light and pose, allow me to create a high contrast between the light and shadows.

Some clients like the look so much, I’ve started using this technique to photograph their face as well. These shots add an extra dimension to their boudoir albums. In some cases, clients will use low key image as the acrylic cover image of their boudoir albums.

If you’d be interested in a low key bodyscape artistic boudoir photoshoot, reach out to the studio. I’d be happy to work with you to create the artistic image of your dreams.

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