Boudoir Photo Session Ideas To Rock Your Photoshoot

Boudoir photography is about capturing your natural beauty and a big part of that is your personality. If you want to showcase what makes you unique, here are some boudoir photo session ideas to consider:

Traditional Boudoir

Traditional boudoir photos will always be in style. You lounging on a bed or in the boudoir offers plenty of options. From outfits to accessories and props, a lot of variation may be had.

Traditional boudoir photoshoots can range from tame to images you wouldn’t show your mother. So talk with your photographer if you want to personalize your traditional boudoir session.

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Vintage Boudoir

Think back to the roaring 20’s, with silent film stars reclining on a chaise lounge chair. Or maybe you are the mysterious client who appears at the door of a private detective.

Vintage boudoir photography relies on the set, lighting, hairstyle and outfits. They can be simple, or Great Gatsby elaborate. These tend to look fantastic in a sepia tone prints.

Fashion Boudoir

Fashion boudoir photography has become prevalent in advertising. Lingerie brands like Victoria’s Secret, Savage x Fenty and Agent Provocateur make use of the style.

Become your own supermodel and strut your stuff as you show off your fashion sense in a boudoir setting.

fashion boudoir

Bridal Boudoir

Taking a break from all the stress of wedding planning and life, bridal boudoir sessions give the bride to be a needed boost. A luxury bridal boudoir experience not only documents this important time, but provides the bride with a new found confidence.

The fact that a bridal boudoir album also makes the perfect groom’s gift is an added bonus!

Black & White Boudoir Photos

Black and white boudoir photos give your session an artistic edge. This doesn’t mean you won’t make creative use of color. Black and white tones vary according to the colors of your outfits and backgrounds. Contrasting hues can cause certain areas of the image to pop.

Black & White Boudoir Photo

Creative Light Painting Boudoir

Creative light painting boudoir isn’t for everyone, but the results can be amazing gallery look artwork. Learn more about creative light painting boudoir here.

Bodyscapes and Projection Boudoir

Bodyscapes and projection photography make for a very artistic boudoir session. While some clients do shoot bodyscapes while wearing lingerie, many do not. These types of images are more like fine art than a standard boudoir photo.

Bodyscape Boudoir Photo
Projection Photography Boudoir

Rockstar Boudoir

Become a boudoir rockstar while rocking out to your favorite tunes. This session will have you feeling alive and energized! Click here to learn more about becoming a boudoir rockstar.

Portrait Boudoir

Romantic and classy portraits in the boudoir style will become some of your favorite wall art. If you plan on portrait boudoir, definitely consider getting some framed prints!

Grunge Boudoir

From graffiti walls to back alley and abandoned building, grunge boudoir is a whole different beast! The images are stunning due to a combination of location setting, lighting and outfit.

Grunge Boudoir

Fetish Boudoir

Why not spice up your boudoir photo session with some playful bedroom fun. I’ve shot everything from dominatrix to submissive, and a lot in between. You can go tame to exotic!

Does your type of play translate to boudoir photos? Ask your photographer! Don’t be embarrassed, chances are they are familiar with what you want to do and can offer advice. My studio is a no-judgement zone, make sure your photographer is open as well.

Location Boudoir

Why not combine the scenery of a special location with your boudoir session? Click here to see some shots from a Key West Boudoir Photoshoot.

Outdoor boudoir

From scenic vistas to forests to city streets and back alleys, outdoor boudoir is for the adventurous. Keep in mind this style may or may not be able to include nudity. You must be aware of your surroundings and any “watchers” that may happen across your photoshoot.

If you do want to get daring, be sure to find something off the beaten path. Rooftops (be careful of getting near the edge,) parking garages and small clearings in a wooded area are safer for these types of images.

Beach Boudoir

I know, the beach is outdoors, but I consider beach boudoir a genre to itself. You can get some amazing boudoir style images in your bathing suit. Instead of kneeling in a bed, you are kneeling in the surf. If you can find a private beach, things can even get more provocative.

Beach Boudoir

Birthday Boudoir

Party balloons, hats and cake are a great way to theme your boudoir photoshoot. Birthday boudoir is a way of celebrating your trip around the sun and documenting the woman you’ve become.

Mirror Boudoir

Instead of traditional portraits, consider mirror shots of your poses. Have your photographer use multiple mirrors to create artistic reflections of your beauty. Properly framed, these create a very interesting and artistic look.

Valentine’s Day Boudoir

Another perfect time to create a boudoir album for someone you love. Valentines Day boudoir photos can incorporate red lingerie, cupid, wine or champagne and a heart of chocolates. Don’t forget the red roses!

mirror boudoir

Mirror Boudoir

valentines day boudoir

Valentine’s Day Boudoir

Halloween Boudoir

Bring out the pumpkins and get your ghoul on. From a sexy witch with a book of spells, to the damsel in distress waking up next to a skeleton, Halloween Boudoir is a lot of fun!

Christmas Boudoir

Another perfect way to add a theme and get your partner a truly special one of a kind Christmas gift. From Santa hats to the Christmas tree, wrapping yourself in lights and perhaps wrapping yourself as a gift! There are all kinds of ideas you can incorporate to create a magical holiday season.

Halloween Boudoir

Halloween Boudoir

christmas boudoir

Christmas Boudoir

Be sure if you intend to do a holiday shoot for Valentine’s Day, Halloween or Christmas, you plan your session at least two to three months out. This will allow your photographer time to make sure your gift arrives for your partner’s surprise!

I hope you’ve found these boudoir photo session ideas inspiring. If you are looking for a boudoir photographer in the Maryland, Washington DC area, reach out. I enjoy helping clients create the boudoir session of their dreams!

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