Merriam Webster defines exotic as strikingly, excitingly, or mysteriously different. Of or relating to striptease. Which leads to the image of seductive or provocative. These definitions all apply to exotic boudoir photography.

Exotic can also mean introduced from another country, as in an exotic beauty. Or maybe an exotic setting.

Not all boudoir shoots are exotic. Not every client is comfortable with nudity. That is fine, no one should be placed in a situation with which they are uncomfortable. And honestly, some of my favorite boudoir sessions are ones where the client is discreetly covered. Let’s leave something to the imagination!

exotic boudoir photos
Maryland exotic photoshoot

But as a no-judgement zone studio, I photograph all flavors of boudoir and glamour photos. When a client wants to pose nude, I am experienced and do my best to make the images not only beautiful, but artistic as well.

My shoot with Ms. L. was to be a no holds barred exotic boudoir photography session with a truly exotic beauty.

exotic boudoir pics

Yes, she gave me written permission to share these images. (I never share photos without a signed release.) Even so, I am only sharing a few of the images we shot, and making sure everything is censored. I know there are guys out there who look for nudes, but I am a boudoir photographer – not Playboy or Penthouse. I don’t do these photoshoots for men and I don’t post images on my site for men.  I do this to empower my clients and provide them with beautiful photographs. If clients want to share them, that is their decision.

maryland exotic boudoir
exotic beauty boudoir
exotic nude photography image

From sensual and classy to wild and provocative, and everything in between. If you are looking for glamour or boudoir photography in Maryland, contact my studio for more information.

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