Sensual photography allows women who may feel inhibited to express themselves. Whether the inhibition is cultural, religious or self-imposed, sensual boudoir photography sessions help change the way our clients see themself.
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The Sensual Photography Experience:

Most women who come to my boudoir studio are uncomfortable with something about their appearance. They aren’t certain of themselves and have doubts they could ever look as good as the women in my photos.

Because their nerves are linked to this self-image, a boudoir experience is an emotional time. This is why the psychological transformation that happens during the photoshoot is so amazing. They start with doubts, discover they can rock their shoot and come out confident and feeling beautiful.

sensual boudoir photography
When a client books a sensual boudoir session, she is paying for the experience. She becomes the center of the universe during her time in the studio. From professional hair & makeup, to becoming a supermodel, it is a chance to escape the outside world.
Clients end the session with an improved self-image and newfound respect for their body. The incredible boudoir photos are simply the icing on the cake.

Creating Sensual Photos

By finding a client’s favorite features, the photographs are composed with this in mind. Having photographed women of all ages (over 18), sizes, body types, ethnicities and attitudes, I coach my clients into flattering poses. It is all about getting incredible images of their natural beauty.
sensual photography
sensual portrait photography

Every image gets retouched in-house by me before a client’s reveal and ordering session. If Angelina Jolie gets retouched for a magazine photo, my clients should experience that same level of care.

While retouch edits are important, you don’t want to change what makes the client unique. They are a real woman, they shouldn’t look like a plastic Barbie doll.

Why Have A Sensual Photography Photoshoot?

The reasons my clients have boudoir sessions is as unique as each one of them. Among the top reasons are birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, weight loss and cosmetic surgery.

I’ve had clients who wanted to feel better about themselves after breaking up with a boyfriend or a divorce. Clients who wanted to document their body before their fight with cancer, and those who wanted to see themselves as beautiful after their battle.

Then there are the women who do it simply because they want to, and they deserve it! You deserve it too!

If you are looking for sensual, sexy boudoir photography, reach out to my studio today. I’ll be happy to tell you about our process, answer any questions and if you wish to move forward, get you on the studio’s schedule.

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